Three Great Reasons to Plan Your 2018 Year Around You

Posted on / by Natalie Sisson / in Entrepreneurs

Picture this; you recently launched your online business that is becoming quite successful.

In fact, you can almost say that you have it all: fulfilling work, valuable connections, and a client list that could only be comparable to the yellow pages. It’s a dream come true.

Well… almost.

Originally, you chose your line of work because it gave you the freedom to set your own hours and make money on your own terms.

However, you now work way more hours than you initially intended, leaving you with less time to enjoy fun activities and be around the people you love.

The mornings that you once filled with glorious yoga sessions and the evenings dedicated to having your nose in a mystery novel have now been replaced by marathon sessions in front of your computer screen.

Sound familiar?

It’s almost second nature to overwork ourselves, especially when our businesses are growing beyond our control. The hours stretch out, your tasks grow in number, and the free time you have to yourself dwindles down into a realm of non-existence.

That’s where planning comes in! I can almost hear the disgruntled sighs coming through the computer screen now. No, not that type of planning. What I want to talk to you about is the fun, exciting planning that will radically change your life. Want to know a secret?

The reality of life is that it is all under your control.

Every second you have is another choice to make. Are you getting the most out of every second or are you living a life of discontentment?

Are you living your life based on your own desires or are you almost at a breaking point with all the lifestyle clutter surrounding you?

Most importantly, are you doing what you initially set out to do?

Chances are that you are not meeting a majority of your goals and reaching your true potential. All that’s required to change your direction is awareness and a good plan.

Here are  why:

Reason 1: A Good Plan Helps You to Realize Your True Values

When you start planning out your year, you start to realize how much time you actually want to spend doing very specific things.

The holidays will remind you that you want to be more connected with your family while the summer may remind you that you have been wanting to travel for the past two years.

Planning ahead gives you insight into your true desires and allows you to plan ahead accordingly. After all, when was the last time that you were able to schedule a last-minute trip to Bali or fly out to visit a friend in another state?

My best guess is that your current “in the moment” schedule has held you back from pursuing many of your interests.

Time is precious. The only way you are going to get the most out of it is by knowing how you are investing it.

Reason 2: You Become More Balanced

Life starts to fall apart when we become too focused on one area of our lives and leave the rest behind.

For example, if you choose to ignore your responsibilities and lounge around all day, what do you think will happen?

Unless you’re someone with millions of dollars invested in dividend stocks, you’re most likely going to experience the loss of your job or your house.

On the other hand, someone who works too much and ignores their much-needed self-care time will eventually pass the point of no return and completely break down. In order to become a content human being, we need to be balanced.

Look over your calendar. Which days, weeks, or months will be dedicated to rest? Which periods will be dedicated to hard work? Do you have any special events that you would like to attend? Any spiritual journeys?

Looking forward will give you an advantage when it comes to balancing your goals, needs, and to-dos.

Reason 3. You’ll Have More Motivation and Direction

Without a solid plan, it becomes easy to lose track and waste time. You may wake up and think to yourself, today will be my day off! It’s not until the day is almost over that you realize you have several projects you should have already finished.

With a sigh of resignation, you plop yourself at your desk and start making up for lost time.

The hours drag by and the time you took finishing the work you needed done the day before has taken up time designated for current work.

Before you know it, you are behind on every project and you are dedicating your days and nights to catching up.

A set plan will help you to avoid this type of disaster situation. You’ll know exactly which days you will have off and when you should be tackling those large projects. You’ll have devoted time slots for work where you know what it is that you will be doing with your time. No longer will you have to dread your schedule.

Are you looking to create more balance and direction in your life and a unique approach to planning out your 2018 year to make it the best ever?

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