The Secret To Getting In Top Social Media Shape

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Years back I competed in a body sculpting competition. It took me 9 long months and a lot of discipline each day to drop 15kgs and achieve just 10% body fat. Each month I changed my workout routine and diet to achieve the results I wanted.

I tracked my results and saw the improvement in my muscles and physique. I had a plan and I stuck to it. I had a personal trainer and nutritionist to help me when I needed it most and keep me on track when I was losing motivation.

Sure eating chicken and broccoli each day and getting up at 5:30am to do my weights workout was not always my idea of fun, but it was worth it.

Nat Sisson Takes on BodysculptingThe result? I won the competition and became the Regional North Island Body Sculpting Champion. Yes that’s really me in the photo.

I’ve noticed a direct correlation to how I approached winning this competition and building my online business using social media. That may sound strange but hear me out.

My success on social media has been because I’ve applied this same approach to building a community and gaining leads, referrals and new business, as I did to building a sculpted body and an abdominal eight pack!

I’ve committed to taking consistent action each and every week with a series of mini workouts that keep me in shape online. I maintain the minimum amount of time needed to get the maximum results.

There are no short cuts.

Most people don’t do this. If they would, how productive and successful we would all be. But we don’t because it takes effort, hard work and discipline. We humans are inherently lazy actually. We like things to be spelt out for us, put on a silver platter in front of us so that we can just show up and do the least amount of work possible.

I tried sometimes tried doing that during my 9 months of training and it never really worked for me. It was like cheating myself, or like eating fudge when I should have had a carrot. It got me nowhere and, if anything, caused me to take a step backwards in my progress.

But when I stuck to my workout regime, I set myself goals and I exercised regularly I saw amazing results and it inspired me to carry on and push myself further.

On a business front, that’s helped me to be recognized as one of Forbes Top 25 Most Influential Tweeters on Entrepreneurship, and to be chosen as one of just 20 bloggers for the Nike Women `Make Yourself Movement’. It’s helped me to be featured on Huffington Post, Business Insider, Problogger and countless other publications, blogs, website and media outlets.

More importantly it’s allowed me to build the Suitcase Entrepreneur into a thriving online business, hold social media workshops for businesses in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, Auckland and Wellington.

I’ve hired team members and found interns on Twitter, I’ve created lucrative business partnerships, gained new clients, and launched products and programs from Facebook, YouTube and beyond.

Let’s Face Facts.

Businesses are spending up on social media to the tune of $1.7 Billion per year. People are spending 110 Billion Minutes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Social Media sites.

Social Media is BIG business and it’s here to stay.

By now you should know that it can be one of most effective forms of sales and marketing for your business, and that it costs next to nothing to get started on.

Yet you don’t know which platform is best for your type of business.? Or perhaps you don’t know where your audience are hanging out and whether Facebook is better to be on then Twitter?

You like the idea of a blog but you’re not sure what you’d blog about and how it would actually help you get new clients? You’ve been on LinkedIn for a while and while you’ve connected with some people and joined groups, but you’re not converting any new business.

You’ve been posting videos to YouTube but you have no idea whether any of this is working, whether you’ve even gained a new customer from all the posts and updates and comments.

Now you’re sick and tired of trying to keep up with the new features on Google Plus and Facebook and you don’t get any enjoyment from tweeting aimlessly and having mindless conversations that lead to nothing.

Shaping up is hard to do. 

Most people see people who are `overnight successes’ on social media and think `why can’t I do what they’re doing?’

Therein lies the problem. Social media is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s not a one off workout, it’s a total exercise regime. You need to turn and do the work in order to see the results.

In that respect getting Sculpted on Social Media is much like getting in shape. Can you remember a time you wanted to lose weight but weren’t sure of what exercises you should do to shift those last few stubborn kilos?

You had cleaned up your eating but really need to get advice from a nutritionist on what to eat each week to achieve your ideal weight. You knew you needed a plan to stick to but because there was no one there motivating you but you then you skipped a workout or reached for the cookies, the cake or that extra glass of wine.

Plus you didn’t have a specific date in mind by when you wanted to be your ideal weight and to be honest, you hadn’t seen any results going to the gym and eating less processed foods over the last few months, so why should that change now?

You needed a personal trainer.

Well working at social media is much the same. If you don’t have goals you want to achieve or set any targets of how you want to use it for your business, you’ll stay stuck in the same routine and getting nowhere.

Achieving mastery of social media to build a thriving business and increase your credibility and reputation is a marathon not a sprint. You can’t go on a social media crash diet and expect to have long lasting results.

You need to stick at this and get a customized plan for your business, use your time available to invest properly to sculpt your online presence into the ideal platform.

There’s a certain amount you can learn by yourself, but at the end of the day having a personal trainer next to you and guiding you through the right moves, with the proper technique, is the fastest way for you to get the results you want.

Then you just need to have a weekly plan to stick to and keep you on track. You need to maintain that great work and continue to sculpt your social media muscles to look great online, feel great in what you’re achieving and get the most of your time spent on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You need SCULPTED Social Media

Sculpted Social Media is my online workout program designed to get you in top social media shape and ensure you redefine yourself online.

The best way to do that is being given a series of step by step video workouts from beginner through to advanced from your personal trainer – yes that’s me.

These workouts will sculpt your knowledge and understanding of how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to:

  • Generate exposure for your business
  • Increase your subscriber/traffic/opt-in list
  • Establish new business partnerships
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Generate qualified leads and referrals
  • Reduce your overall marketing expenses
  • Close more sales

You’ll be left feeling refreshed with your new found knowledge on how to maximise your time spent on social media by doing all the above in just 30 minutes a day.

You will come away with a new social media strategy that gets real results for your business plus a weekly workout schedule that puts you in control of your social media efforts and maintains the solid foundations you’ve built online.

I’ve just open the doors to my brand new program starting December 6th. Are you ready for it?

Check out all that I cover in each workout and what my past clients have to say.