[TSE 2] The Real Trick To Mastering Outsourcing With Tyrone Shum

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Welcome to the second episode of The Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast.

Every second Monday I aim to bring you a new interview of an online entrepreneur or influencer, from around the world who is living a Suitcase Entrepreneur lifestyle and/ or using Online Tools, Social Media and Outsourcing to run their business from anywhere.

I keep them short – 15-30 minutes max – perfect for listening to in your car, on the train, in the plane, on your coffee break, during meditation – as your meditation. It’s up to you.

Tyrone Shum of Outsourcing Live

I first met Tyrone Shum via my good friend Maren Kate of Escaping the 9-5, one of the experts on outsourcing my Passport to Business Freedom Program.

If there’s one person who knows all about the benefits and secrets of really mastering outsourcing it’s Tyrone. I don’t even hold it against him that he’s an Australian (you see Kiwis and Aussies do get on!).

In this fun interview Tyrone reveals his secret tools to maintaining his Virtual Assistants.  He shares his experience on the pros and cons of having  a Project Manager, the most efficient websites for managing your growing team and communicating during projects, and applying the Pareto rule to reclaim your your time and see more success in business.

Do check him out, you really can learn a lot from his regular videos and the wealth of resources on his site. Plus he’s a really approachable guy who genuinely wants you to free up more time by focusing on what you’re best at and outsourcing the rest.

I ask these ‘cutting edge’ questions:

1. Would you recommend hiring a Project Manager to help you hire other Virtual Assistants?
2. What tools do you use to keep your team in alignment and communicate with?
3. What types of tasks do you suggest for beginners to outsource?

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