[TSE 31] The Psychology of Online Marketing and Kicking Ass With Derek Halpern

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Have you ever read a blog that combines both psychology and online marketing insight to help you find out what your audience is thinking?

Well, Derek Halpern is the genius behind Social Triggers – his blog that uses psychology to boost his and his clients’ traffic and online sales.  He has quite an amusing and funny story of how he got started.  You will just have to listen in on this upbeat podcast below to find out!

Previously, he gained his experience building successful websites in the entertainment and fashion industry.  His secret was to choose a specific niche that it seems almost ridiculous.  For example, in the highly competitive niche of online marketing, Derek is almost the only one combining psychology to online marketing and as a result he’s been able to grow his blog by 17,000 subscribers in only 11 months.

Derek advises to take your time to define a clear USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, which he defines as a characteristic that addresses the need of your specific targeted market.

In fact he is adamant that you must learn about human psychology to get traffic and sales online.

It’s also easier to get them to take some form of action (like buying or talking). Derek provides a ton of valuable nuggets just like this in just 30 minutes.

Sit back and be prepared to learn a lot that you can go and implement in your online business, right now.

Listen to this podcast interview with Derek Halpern to learn:

  • Why you don’t need the right ingredients to become successful, but you do need a unique recipe
  • How he grew his blog to over 56,000 subscribers and 100K plus visitors in less than 18 months
  • Derek’s three step approach to becoming the go-to person and standing out online while building a successful business
  • Why adopting a killer focus is the absolute key to achieving what you want in life
  • The insights behind his new TV show and how he is going to reach millions of entrepreneurs

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