The Power of Mastermind Groups to Move Past Your Fear

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So you’ve taken the plunge.  You’ve faced your fear, quit your job and started your own business. Big congrats to you – I’m loving your courageous pizazz.

In this week’s episode of Fearless Factor, Heather tells you how to get your power team on your side – we’re talking Mastermind Groups, one of the defining factors between kick-ass entrepreneurs and those that struggle along.

Heather discusses the role of a Mastermind Group and how you can, and should, use them to brainstorm solutions to help you overcome any challenges you may now be facing.

This is all about massive support, fantastic accountability and a like-minded group of entrepreneurs who are there to ensure each of you stay on track to building a healthy, fun and profitable business.

Oh, and Heather talks about two more key points you need to do to ensure you succeed. Watch it now.

Heather and I want to know: what is your biggest challenge right now?

Whether you’re just starting out in business or already established, we will answer one lucky person’s question in the next edition of Fearless Factor. So leave it below!

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