The Power of Mastermind Groups to Move Past Your Fear

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So you’ve taken the plunge.  You’ve faced your fear, quit your job and started your own business. Big congrats to you – I’m loving your courageous pizazz.

In this week’s episode of Fearless Factor, Heather tells you how to get your power team on your side – we’re talking Mastermind Groups, one of the defining factors between kick-ass entrepreneurs and those that struggle along.

Heather discusses the role of a Mastermind Group and how you can, and should, use them to brainstorm solutions to help you overcome any challenges you may now be facing.

This is all about massive support, fantastic accountability and a like-minded group of entrepreneurs who are there to ensure each of you stay on track to building a healthy, fun and profitable business.

Oh, and Heather talks about two more key points you need to do to ensure you succeed. Watch it now.

Heather and I want to know: what is your biggest challenge right now?

Whether you’re just starting out in business or already established, we will answer one lucky person’s question in the next edition of Fearless Factor. So leave it below!

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  • KarinaEva

    Not having enough resorces (people, money, time) to be able to get (display to promote) my product to the right people at the right time.

  • jacquebig

    Mastermind groups are great. I have been part of at least one group for 10 years when I first started my own business. They have been great for moral support, brainstorming and getting clarity on where to go next. There was also some comfort being with people who were all in the same place and trying to figure it out.

    However when it came to fear it was an illusion that the mastermind groups helped me to get over my fear. What they supported me to do was to keep moving forward in spite of my fear. It wasn’t until I resolved the emotional energy, dropped off my emotional baggage, around fear that I was actually able to transcend the fear. Now that I have removed the Emotional Hot Buttons of fear I am soaring forward. My emotional baggage kept me flying close to the ground before.

    The analogy that I like to use is that we do lots of things to fill our hot air balloon with air; mastermind groups, professional training, personal development work and stress management techniques. These are all valuable and our balloon lifts off the ground. Many times it does not fly very high, because we are still have the weights attached to the side of the basket. It is when we drop off our Emotional Baggage that our hot air balloon is able to soar.

    May your balloon soar in your mastermind group as mine is now soaring within my group.



  • NatalieSisson

    @KarinaEva That’s a great one Karina, I cover that a lot here on my blog especially with regards to getting yourself free PR, outsourcing and using interns. I think the overlying theme from your comment is actually around strategic business planning – how to do more with less and focus on the priorities. Does that sound fari?

  • NatalieSisson

    @jacquebig Awesome analogy Jacque and thanks for sharing your opinion on this front of how you moved past fair. I agree. I think Mastermind Groups help you overcome common problems you’re facing in business by sharing them and getting creative solutions from brainstorming. Fear is what coaches can help you move through and of course working on yourself. Heather used the same analogy in her last Fear Factor post about dropping the dead weight and rising up. Great minds think alike

  • KarinaEva

    @NatalieSisson I was looking for this post all over the place and I finally found it 🙂 thank God the “fear factor” stick to my mind 😉 and you are 100% right. I have all these great ideas and sometimes I am not sure how to put them in place not without effort, but , I would like to get people excited about what I do and how we can help others but I only have so much time during the day. Priorities, God, my family , my business so I would like to have time for those three things, HELP! Let me know when you come to Vancouver, because your are coming back, correcto? See you soon.PS. Let me know how I can read your reply to my post without looking everywhere for your posts 🙂

  • NatalieSisson

    @KarinaEva You just have to come back to this post, or better yet click on the link Livefyre should email you with. I’m not coming back to Vancouver anytime soon sorry. You just need to sit down and honestly work out where your time goes in a day – better yet install to show you where your time is going and then make some hard decisions based off what you’re wasting time on and what is really important

  • nice post

  • nice post

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