[TSE 4] The Art of Not Doing Everything Yourself With Laura Roeder

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Laura Roeder creating fame in the Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast

In this latest Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast I get to chat with the lovely Laura Roeder. You may have heard about this gal who is making waves on the internet through helping others to learn how to create fame and use social media for their business.

Laura Roeder creating fame in the Suitcase Entrepreneur podcastShe also practices what she preaches and it shows with her recent foray into reaching 7 figure revenues with her online business. She did, after all, invent the Creating Fame program.

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura in person at the World Domination Summit where she held a talk about something dear to her heart and mine, essentially how not to do everything yourself, and that’s why months earlier I had interviewed her on this very topic.

Everyone took notes, especially about the two magical words that have transformed her business…. in case you’re curious they are

Your call.

A reply line she uses regularly when working with her team that empowers them to take the right action when she’s off traveling the world or speaking at various events. There is much wisdom in this young woman who’s been able to scale up her business fast while eliminating tasks she doesn’t like.

In this podcast she enthusiastically shares her organization and personal systems to better manage her online business and her team so that she can go on trips to India and Europe like she has done recently for months at a time. You will learn a lot from Laura – trust me.

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In this interview I ask the cutting edge questions:

  1. Which systems and tools do you implement in your business to make managing projects and your team that much easier?
  2. What is your favorite most efficient social media site for promoting your business?
  3. What do you love most owning an online business which you can take around the world?


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