The 5 Step Approach to Running a Successful Webinar

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This is the second post in a follow up to How To Create A Compelling Webinar Business – Lessons From My Small Biz Disaster.

Webinars are perfect for helping you share your expertise in an educational and entertaining way and adding massive value to your attendees for free. At the very least it makes you memorable, at the other end of the spectrum you leave them with a reason to trust you and buy from you, either now or in the future.

I had so much positive feedback from the most recent webinar I held on Thursday with Elysia Brooker on Sassy SEO and Explosive Traffic Techniques. From my first small biz disaster to this webinar with 100 registered – I think I’ve finally found what works well. Offer amazing content, fantastic experts and be totally passionate about what you deliver.

Follows in line with what Lewis preached at his workshop: Be passionate. Give tones of useful information. Create value. Have the product ready to sell.

So in this post I’m going to summarize the notes I took during that workshop of what you SHOULD do to create a winning webinar.

Step 1: The psychology of webinars

During your presentation use lots of images, less text. Doing a 1 hour webinar with up to 100 slides of mainly images that drive emotion and showcase empathy.

Keep them entertained from the minute they come to the very end til after the webinar ends. Remember people will have lots of interruptions so you need to keep them focused.

Every slide leads on to the next and tells a story. Wow them with images.

Make sure you tell them to get on early cos the spots are going to be full. A one-time only live event that’s purposefully in tune for them.

As the webinar organizer get on the call early, start telling people they need to get their pens out and notepaper cos you’re going to be giving away a ton of info, webinar starts in 10 mins. Do it again, count down and say that there’ll be a free download at the 45 minute mark.

Step 2. Building Your Blogging Empire with Webinars

Hubspot are a great example of a company doing weekly webinars and making millions every month from holding webinars. It’s featured on their site `Upcoming Webinar’s. They get all their opt-ins from there.

Use Go To Webinar – best one out there right now and pretty much the gold standard. Plus it has a 30 day free trial. Use the most basic generic opt-in page – white background, seems to work best for conversions.

Keep reminding people of your webinar. Tell them the 5 things they’re going to get, make 5 key points, mention the time twice and then tell them they’re getting a free download.

Create energy and excitement about the webinar too. Live webinar convert better but you will still get sales out of a recorded webinar.

Step 3: Four day marketing promotion plan

Hold it on a Thursday at noon or 9pm EST- either lunch or after dinner.

Day 1: Sunday or Monday send an email to your list of why they need to sign up for your amazing live event (20% open rate).

Send it to the unopened emails 8 hours later with a different compelling headline (8-12%) open rate

Day 2: All about social media. Post it out to your LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, Create a Facebook event.

Day 3: Come back to the email – target the whole list again with a different message, shorter, a few different points, one sign up link and the download/ free access offer – only if they attend live.

Day 4: Send it again to the unopened again – different header. Do more social media promoting.

Send another email to those who are signed up saying `Are you joining us for lunch?’ `You’re going to join us right? We’re starting in 10 minutes’.

Step 4: Webinar Management the Easy Way

If you can, have your business partner or friend there next to you, answering the questions on the side panel. If you don’t answer their questions (even if you say please hold them to the end) they think less of you, it’s the personal touch that counts.

Use Camtasia to record it for the audio because Go To Webinar is sometimes dodgey (and difficult to extract and convert the file as I’ve found out. Then you can edit it a lot. Export it to a flash file.

Step 5: Follow up like GoDaddy!

Make sure you follow up showing somebody’s who’s achieved success from doing this – social proof the better.

  • Say if they missed it they can still download it and the offer is still on but only until a certain day and time – 24-48 hours. Give the details again.
  • Send this to entire list. Even better segment your list – those who attended, those who didn’t.
  • Then start promoting it on social media to people who may have missed it.
  • Can use WP `Wishlist’ Plugin to manage your opt-ins and access codes etc.
  • Send another email 1 hour before it comes down to get them enticed – people want to buy.

Phew those are a lot of steps from the expert and I certainly did not do them all but each time you run one you get better, more comfortable, more confident.

And by the fantastic comments we received I think we did a grand job on Thursday.

Hi Natalie

The Elysia Brooker webinar – still going on – is fabulous!

This has been the most valuable webinar I have been involved in for some time.  I am planning to contact Elysia for her special.

All the best,



Hi Natalie,

I learned a tremendous amount on the webinar.  I am busy implementing some of them now.  I will also be revamping my website.

Thank you for the opportunity.



Hi Natalie,

Thank you for the great webinar that you just delivered. I found it useful, clear and with new information, which is what I liked the most.

I am looking forward to the next one!


Carolina Lopez


Hey Natalie – the session last night was AWESOME!!! Talk about value – I LOVED It!!! Wow. It was so refreshing to have tactics and specifics instead of just presenting info. Well done.

Thanks!! And keep up the awesome work!!


If you’re curious about the special offer, well it is just available to the webinar registrants but perhaps Elysia will let a few extra people in on her fantastic consulting session and 10 point SEO strategy for your website. Find out more here


  • Natalie

    As an update to this I’ve just discovered Anywhere Meeting and it’s free for up to 200 webinar registrants. Highly advise you check it out

  • For those who who do not know rhow to run a webina, this would be a good starting point. This session would be very helpful and you’ll discover how it helps you and your business.

  • Awesome post about running a sucessful webinar!!

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