The 2012 Word Of The Year

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Twitter, Facebook and Google + are all awash with questions like `What’s your word of the year for 2012‘.

Here I was thinking I was original, as I posted the question on my Facebook page and got some excellent responses. Then I saw it almost everywhere else and read answers like:

“Motivation, Flourish, Balance, Success, Persistence, Growth, Authenticity, Believe, Confidence, Passion, Exposure, Direction, Pure, Achieve, Fresh, Discipline, Inspiration and Delegate”

I don’t know about you, but since the age of ten I’ve come up with a word to signify how I want to play out my year. I’ve gone and told everybody about it and then asked them theirs. It seems nothing’s changed, as I asked this question around the New Year’s eve table of dear friends, and most had not thought about the question at all.

If I had probed further (and I would have had the countdown to New Year’s not begun and I’d not been distracted by more champagne), I’m sure I would have found several did not have a plan of action for 2012, an idea of what they really wanted, or even an idea of what they didn’t want.

I would like to sit with them again on the eve of 2013 and see whether their year worked out better than mine, for not having an idea of what they wanted. Theory and reality on the subject matter leads me to believe that it won’t be. You need purpose to live your life fully and you need to live each day with purpose to have a full life.

Knowing what you want out of life and aiming towards it daily will ensure you get it. At the very least your life is richer for having dreamed and desired more from it.

Since I started my blog 2010 was initially the year of Zen  – I’m not sure that year fully abided by my word – or more likely I didn’t as it actually became the year of hustle! But I was more cogniscent of being present and slowing down my frantic pace.

2011 was the year of freedom. I did manage to achieve a fair amount of that with many excellent results as summed up in my 2011 Annual Review–  I promise you it’s not like others….

The Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sisson in 2012
This is me on Karamea Beach setting the intention for the TSE community

My theme for 2012 came to me part way through last year. I’m determined that this year will be spectacular – I mean is there any other way to live your life?

Steve Jobs didn’t think so otherwise he wouldn’t have regularly been quoted as talking about the fact that we will all die. He wasn’t reminding himself of this fact to be morbid or depressed, he used this as the trigger to live a full life each and every single day!

2012 Is The Year of Fierce Focus

Yes I went with two words. Just to be different. Actually just to highlight the importance of focus this year. Last year, by all accounts, I achieved a lot. But I also lost out many times, I believe, due to not being focused enough. So I need to get fierce about it.

If you look at every single successful entrepreneur or creative, they are 100% unabashedly in love with what they do. They live and breathe it. It’s all they think about day and night. As a result they are consumed by it and, 99% of the time become the master of their craft or business vision.

That’s because of their laser like focus on what they do.

I can safely say I do not YET have that ability. I have had it in the past, like when I focused on becoming a body sculpting champion and getting an 8 pack of abs. That single experience blew me away for reasons I explain here in Four Business Lessons Learned As A Body Sculpting Champion.

I have used this power in several smaller successful ventures, events or activities through my life with fantastic results. So why oh why do I not apply this daily?

Because it’s hard work dammit. It takes guts, sacrifices, fortitude, persistence and dogged determination. Do I sound like Winston Churchill here?

My Mission In 2012:  I am focusing on living my true values of creating freedom in business and adventure in life. 

I am doing this because then I can truly ensure I’m inspiring you to do the same.  So this requires me to cut out some of the activities in 2011 that took up a lot of my time and energy and didn’t propel me or my business forward (but did teach me a lot).

I am not superwoman. I cannot do everything and do it extraordinarily well. If I focus on a few very important goals and desires I want to achieve this year then I will be far likelier to achieve them.

I would like to ask you to do the same – particularly if, year after year, you make the same old promises to yourself at New Year and continue to break your promise.

“Any goal worthy of forming a life around will likely involve a determined focus. To keep the focus, turn the goal into a series of manageable actions as you go along, with stepping stones of accomplishment you can enjoy along the way.” ~ Chris Guillebeau

In order to adapt to fierce focus and implement it immediately I’ve dramatically reduced my goals for 2012. I used to focus on 8 areas of my life and create 1-2 goals for each including health, giving, financial, relationships, business and personal.

I’ve decided this is the path to overwhelm and failure.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur Word Cloud for 2012
The Suitcase Entrepreneur Word Cloud for 2012

My 2012 Legacy Objectives

Rather than focus on just setting goals and achieving them, I think it’s far more important to focus on living a fulfilling life that impacts others, and on leaving a legacy to impact 10,000 entrepreneurs by 2014 to create their own freedom based business and adventure-filled life.

So here are my fiercely focused Legacy Objectives (aka goals) for 2012 that will help me to step closer to my legacy:

  1. Write my Suitcase Entrepreneur book proposal before March 1st  and get a book contract
  2. Bike 6,445km in Africa from March 12th and raise $10K for  Women Win
  3. Move to Europe for summer and become fluent in German
  4. Achieve a 6 figure launch of WE Mastermind, creating more women-owned businesses
  5. Grow my business and social media coaching client base by 30%


So what’s your word in 2012?