I’m forever grateful for feedback that you give me. It keeps me going, it give me impetus to deliver on my mission and well frankly, it’s a warm fuzzy reminder of why I created this blog  – because you drive me too.

Your entrepreneurial spirit shines through, your courageousness, intelligence, humour, perception and empathy are all reasons why Suitcase Entrepreneur thrives!

Thanks from the bottom of my entrepreneurial heart!

Lovely things you’ve said

“One of the many things I love about Natalie is how she leads an inspiring business, generously gives practical tips and travels the world, while continuing to be a motivated ambassador for women around the world. Thanks Natalie for sharing your wisdom, dreams and real-life tips.”

Nadine Nicholson, NadineNicholson.com

“Natalie helps adventurous entrepreneurs who are looking for that spark of energy and inspiration they need to ignite their inner passion.” Information and knowledge are important, but having the energy and drive to do something with that information and knowledge are even more important. Natalie is simply a powerhouse of energy and it’s contagious. She helps entrepreneurs get in action, doing the things that produce results. Natalie can’t help, but walk her talk. Amidst her jet-setting across multiple time zones, she’s a master of staying on top of the important things that matter in business and in life. So if you’re ready for a jolt of energy to accelerate your momentum, hang with Natalie. That’s why I do.”

George C. Huang, MD, Chief Freedom Officer & Rapid Revenue Acceleration Specialist

“Natalie is a stellar businesswoman, she has the ability to see the potential in other women entrepreneurs and help them shine. She’s got the social media skills, the business acumen, and the passion to help women court bolder dreams and make them a reality. What sets Natalie apart from other business leaders is her level of commitment to professionalism and the high standard that she holds for herself and that of her clients. If you have a chance to work with her, do it!”

Nathalie Lussier, Raw Foods Witch, Canada

“Natalie aka the Suitcase Entrepreneur is one of my favorites. She has a wealth of knowledge on how to run a business from anywhere. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but her advice on sales pages and social media tips have been invaluable. She told me about a meeting space called MeetingBurner in the early stages and now I’m grandfathered in, meaning I don’t have to pay a dime to use it. It was extremely helpful in executing my lastest online course. I could go on and on about how generous she is with her ideas and time, but I’ll save that for the next note.”

Mike Ambassador Bruny, TheArtOfConferenceNetworking.com

“Hi Natalie,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how I have used some of your work. I am a coach and I have referred dozens of people to your 1 page business plan post. I love it, use it myself regularly when I am developing new business ideas. It has had great effect on my own business and on others that I work with. I am also teaching a university class where I am using your blog post to have students create a 1-page biz plan and implement a mock web site based on their business plan.

So, thanks. I appreciate the work that you do.”

David Young, DavidYoungCoaching.com

“I recently discovered your blog and wanted to congratulate you on living the dream! I want to be in your position in the next couple of years, am currently 21 and launched my online clothing brand late last year. My dream has always been to have financial freedom, never to work 9-5 and explore as much of the world as possible!

Let me know when you are in England next, I would love to buy you lunch and hear some of your stories!”

Nicki Silvanus, Nicki on Facebook

Blog praise

“Natalie you have been an inspiration to me since I first started reading your posts. I knew from them that you provide practical guidance and constant encouragement, but the Passport to Business Success was all that and more! It was a well-ordered program that put me in touch with experts in the various facets of building an online business. Thanks for the constant reminders and shining example of the possibilities of freedom and success.”

Debra Hilton, fuelthemuse.com

“I have been reading your blog posts for about two months now, ever since I quit my cube job in DC to try starting my own business while bouncing around the world, and I find your posts really inspirational and they’ve helped me out along the way. So far, I’ve been through DC, Ecuador, Mexico City, and now Portland OR. Next up, I want to make my way to Canada, Alaska, Thailand, Singapore, and then who knows. Works in progress! Thank you so much!”

Jessie Spielvogel, jessiespielvogel.com

“I have really enjoyed reading about your fantastic lifestyle that incorporates both a great business that helps people to learn how to have a wonderful life, make a difference in the world and travel the world too. Thank you for being you !”

Clodagh Higgins, Get Focused Consulting

“I just wanted to tell you again how much I am enjoying your site, and to say thank you. I subscribed to your podcasts, and downloaded the previous ones to catch up, and I am loving the inspiration and advice you give.”

Cate, Sangui(knit)ie

“Hi Natalie -have been a follower of your for about 8 months – LOVE your stuff! Especially your regular video posts! Please receive my appreciation for the lovely way you are promoting yourself and sharing AMAZING tools and resources for those of us who have a hankering for the geographically unfettered life! I think the work you are doing is wonderful, FUN, and well-done! Bravo.

Claire O’Connor, SweetSpotSalon

“Hi Natalie,I want to say hello and thank you for all the wonderful inspiration I’ve been receiving from you in the last few weeks. I feel like you’re sending it to me directly. I’m not in business for myself yet. I’m really happy I found you. I have been looking to get started on a business venture again and being in communication with you feels very timely.

Tania Juarez

“Pursuing goals that scare the absolute crap out of you are generally the most rewarding Congratulations on having the courage to jump in with both feet and live your truth! Your honesty, determination and passion is refreshing. I’m grateful to have landed on your blog (via twitter), and I’m looking forward to following your journey!”

Justine Ward, Founder of Empowered Beginnings

“I’ve been following you on Twitter and on your blog/website and I am totally inspired by your passion and dedication in supporting women entrepreneurs. With your post today I feel like you’re reading my mind and it was a great pick me up considering the month I’ve had lately with work…or lack thereof. For an aspiring entrepreneur it’s truly a fantastic site!”

Minjuna Pak, Follow Me Foodie

“I found your site as a result of a link from Sean Ogle and I love, love, love what you’re doing! You and so many others are an inspiration to me as I start my own business for myself. I’ve started listening to all your podcasts from the beginning on my way to and from work. Please continue to do what you’re doing because it helps me and so many others realize that it is possible to live and achieve the lives we truly want!”

Nancy Da Costa

“The other night, just couldn’t sleep so I went to my office to catch up on a few things and turned on your podcasts. OMG, I was riveted by the content, stopped what I was doing and started taking notes.

I believe that success leaves clues. Listening to your interviews reinforced how true it is.

Thank you so much for introducing me to so many new people and sharing your experiences. I’ve done a couple of recorded interviews and you’re show has convinced me to continue down that path. I think people really do like to hear how other people create their success. I know I’ve enjoyed it and have learned so much even if I don’t travel the world and run my business from my home.

Just wanted to let you know you make a difference.”

Susan, The Savvy Solopreneur

“Hello Natalie,

I just came across your blog, website and have gone through some of your free resources. I gotta say, they are pretty freaking amazing.

I feel truly inspired by your journey and I am ever so happy that I found you as I feel that somehow, I am being handheld to achieve total freedom and run my business and still feel free.

Your 25 successful tips are absolutely amazing and i shall be following every single one of them. Thank you for inspiring women like me and for being there to in a way hold our hands….

Keep being absolutely amazing and you rock.”

Uzo Okeke, Programme Director, Averee

Highflyer Newsletter And Product praise

“Natalie – Love the new look and format of your newsletter. And of course the content is out of this world”

Debi Auger, Makana Mai Akua, Inc.

“As a woman who left behind a lucrative career and had far more clarity as to what I did not want to do, than what I did, I find Natalie’s newsletters inspirational. It isn’t always easy to shift paradigms and trust that the desired outcome will manifest and for me it helps to see the demonstration through others such as Natalie. Thanks Natalie and I hope that perhaps your US travels will take you to Colorado and perhaps we can enjoy a libation one afternoon!”

Jill Mant, saucycooks.com

“Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration. Your website and newsletters are packed with tons of helpful information and tips. I think to myself, now here’s a woman living the dream! Your positive and adventurous spirit are infectious and are matched only by your intelligence, business savvy and talent. Thank you for all you do to support and encourage women entrepreneurs everywhere.”

Faith Fuller, Desktop-Documentaries.com

“As a serial entrepreneur, I have had the good fortune to purchase several of your products and services Natalie. Whether your BYOB eBook, Social Media Bootcamp or most recently, as a member of WE Mastermind, you deliver beyond expectations with extensive knowledge, up-to-date information and enthusiastic inspiration. I lot amy weekly Highflyer too. Thank you!”

Cathy Goddard, lighthousevisionary.com

“I greatly enjoyed the BYOB audio & digital guide by Natalie Sisson. Her pleasant voice, and style allowed me to listen to the material and receive it internally. I greatly appreciated the easy to use checklist, and tools, and in turn being able to relisten to the audio as a kickstart – on days when I didn’t feel like doing anything – at all! What I appreciate most, is that the headlines she mentioned, were actually in there. We’ve all been there, where we’ve bought something and they didn’t deliver. Natalie does.

Emily Stokes, girlsgoneright.com

“Thanks for your inspiration. As someone who has decided to dream really really big and chase those dreams like a mad woman what I have learned I need most is inspiration, support and knowledge from those who are already living their dreams. In the first few emails I have received from you I know I am totally following the right person. Your posts are inspirational, personal and full of excellent information. I have downloaded your 1 page Biz plan and lots of other material you have shared. Just listening to your podcast now while I type his…sounds brill Very much looking forward to seeing everything you create this year.

Siobhain Danaher, www.siodanphoto.com

Coaching praise

“I’m so glad I cam across your blog Natalie. When I saw your amazing bicycle trip through Africa was culminating in Cape town I contacted you, thinking your experience would make for a good blog post. Well the blog post didn’t transpire, but I did get to spend some time with you, and you’re an online juggernaut. I signed up for your WE Mastermind program as a result and I’m continually blown away by your knowledge, passion and expertise. I have no doubt that I’ll have a successful product launch by the end of this course.”

Angela Horn, thebalanceandlifeblog.com

“You have provided me aha moments, sound strategic advice and inspiration. As I build my business I am fortunate to read your posts and to be learning from you in WE Mastermind. You have taught me that life is a beautiful voyage if we create an environment to live our life and carve our business to be sound and beautiful. YOU are an inspiration to us women. Reading your updates is like watching a well performed ballerina dance take place….harmony, inspiration, strategy and beauty.”

Luz Garcia-Pennock, lovelygalposh.com

“Before working with Natalie, I felt overwhelmed by all the things I was supposed to do to start generating revenue from my blog; I had no idea where to start. Natalie provided a focused plan and step-by-step coaching that proved pivotal to my success. Her experience and expertise are invaluable, not to mention she’s a delight to know and talk to! On a clear path now, I have landed guest posts on major blogs, doubled my email list, expanded my online coaching clientele, and written my first ebook all in the 5 months we’ve been working together. I’m now generating more revenue than our original goal without compromising my message (which was my main goal). Natalie was the catalyst I needed to reach the next level of my blogging career.”

Amy Clover, Strong Inside Out

“I worked with Natalie to clarify my strategy for online marketing, product launch and my sales funnel. Her advice and insight saved me a lot of time trying to figure things out myself, and clarified what I needed to do to move my products to market faster and convert more of my leads to sales. Natalie’s one-on-one help was also instrumental in my creation of a compelling landing page for my first e-product. The feedback I’ve received on the page has been really positive and it’s already helping to sell more books. There is still a lot that Natalie can help me with and I’m excited to work with her again!”

Jessica Oman, writeahead.ca

“When I first started coaching with Natalie I was going through a huge transition in mine, and my families life, selling everything and moving onto a boat. Because we wanted to obtain a location independent lifestyle, it was only natural that I’d be attracted to the Suitcase Entrepreneur website, inhale the BYOB ebook and even pre ordered the audio version of the book.” Read more.

Jessica Oman, writeahead.ca

Social Media Praise

“The Entrepreneur’s Social Media Workout is amazing. It helps a busy working woman learn what to spend more energy on AND what every network is and the best way to use it!”

Julia Porter, Glamour Gals

“Just wanted to say I loved your ebook. It does an excellent job of putting all the social media/networking pieces together in one place and it’s a surprisingly fun read!”

Elge Premeau, SEO for Small Business

“Thanks, Natalie. I ripped through your Social Media Workout E-book very quickly. I’ve been a bit of a Luddite re going social, but as I’m about to launch an online women’s publication, I may be looking for expert input and your book is an excellent tool!”

Kathleen Davies, Davies Slate-Editorial

Podcast Praise

Dan Alia

Dear Natalie,About a month ago I discovered your podcast and I can officially say I am hooked! I am currently driving an hour each way to my corporate Fortune 500 job that I don’t enjoy, and the only redeeming quality about being in the car that much is that I have downloaded and listened to about 40 of your podcasts over the last 3 weeks. The only problem is because I am driving, I can’t take all the notes I want to – fortunately I realized soon thereafter your blog had everything organized for me! You truly are an inspiration, and I very sincerely wanted to thank you for the great information and service you are providing.

I can also say that listening to you and your guests has finally given me the much needed push to finalize an e-book I wrote and just get it out there – I hope to have it completed and self published by March 1st, 2014 (once it is done, I will follow up and let you know!) Thank you for making my commute more entertaining, and here is to our paths crossing someday soon as I hope to have MY online business up and running by this time next year!

A devoted listener from the Mid-Atlantic USA

Dan Alia

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