Seven Temporary Office Tips For Roaming Entrepreneurs

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Natalie's office on a bike stopover in Africa

With the spreading of the World Wide Web to each and every corner of the globe, more and more people are taking their work on the road.  Benefiting from new inspiring landscapes and cultures, and maximizing their quality of life, roaming entrepreneurs certainly have an enviable existence.

There is, however, one common drawback, and that is office space. It doesn’t take long before the novelty of working with your feet dipped into the ocean wears off, and the reality sets in.  Don’t let this sink your plans, there is a solution. Their creative spirit has led many roaming entrepreneurs to seek out a solution, and below we list some useful pointers to finding temporary desk space.

Natalie’s office during her ride through Africa

1. Temporary desk space and co-working websites and apps

There are a number of online networks and IPhone apps designed specifically to support roaming entrepreneurs. The International Co-working Directory is also always worth referring to, as it can offer a quick and easy solution.

WORKSNUG PRO – an iPhone app that finds and rates co-working and other shared office spaces in major European cities.

LOOSECUBES – For those who prefer co-working spaces, Loosecubes provides a slice of familiarity wherever you are in the world. The site boasts locations in 507 cities and 63 countries to satisfy the most severe case of wanderlust.

THE HUB If you’re going to be staying in a given location a bit longer and are looking to integrate into your environment, the Hub could be a good option. Located in cities all over the world, these ‘hubs’ are part co-working space, part community, and they support whatever level of engagement you’re looking for.

LIQUIDSPACE – is designed to help mobile workers find a spot where they can temporarily plug in and get down to some hard work.  With location-specific technology, users find available workspaces nearby that meet timing needs and other requirements they specify. Spaces on the app are classified as ‘public’, ‘ and ‘private’.

2. Hotels

Hotels are increasingly aware of the mutual benefit of creating suitable work spaces for roaming entrepreneurs and business people.  Several famous branches welcome people in to use their facilities by simply purchasing a drink or snack from the hotel bar or restaurant.  Not only can you take advantage of the comfortable environment and free wifi, but increasingly other services are also now available.

When staying in a hotel, it is also crucial to ensure that they have a fast and reliable wifi service. It is always good to speak to them over the phone first and also to read reviews from previous guests. It is worth noting also where the hub is located within the hotel, in order to maximize the quality of the connection.

Natalie’s Tip: Check out my favourite place to rent short term or long term stays, even better than a hotel 

3. Airport Terminals and Clubs

If you travel frequently, and often find yourself in airports seeking a quiet spot to work, then why not join a club?  For as little as a $99 annual fee you can gain access to private lounges providing you with all of the facilities necessary to work, rest, or play.

Natalie’s Tip: Check out Priority Pass – the largest independent airport lounge access program, so you can enjoy your time at airports on long stopovers.

4. Libraries

Libraries can provide an excellent environment in which to work.  Not only are they peaceful, quiet, and brimming with suitable work space, but also increasingly they provide a free wifi service also.  They often also have other facilities, such as photocopying machines, scanners, reference books etc.   Libraries are often housed in inspiring buildings, on many occasions showcasing fine examples of architecture.  As a result of this, you can combine work and tourism together.

5. Restaurants, Cafes, and Bookshops

Again, it is always worth searching online to read reviews of the most suitable options. Although sometimes busy and noisy, you can often find absolute gems, which combine great food, great environment, great space, and fast wifi. It is also an excellent way to meet new people.

6. Parks and other outdoor spaces

Mobile internet dongles are now available in most countries, and this means you can make virtually any spot your office.  Many cities, especially in developing countries, have parks where you have to pay a small fee to enter.  This usually means that they are very quiet, and you can work outdoors without being disturbed. Such areas often have tables, benches, cafes, and toilet facilities, also.

In addition to the above locations, there are also several other important considerations to take. If you are working in a public place, then always ensure the security of your equipment. A freelancer or roaming entrepreneur’s worst nightmare is to have any of their equipment stolen. This is of course also the case with hotel room security and general safety when traveling around.

7. Wi-Fi Friendly Zones

When seeking out any spot, research is vital. You don’t want to waste endless hours going from spot to spot, only to repeatedly discover that the wifi connection is slow and unreliable. If other laptop users are there, this is usually a clear sign that it is a winning spot.

There are several agencies that can help with equipment hire, and with the use of a suitable hotel meeting room or temporary office space, there is no reason that you can’t arrange seminars, presentations, or business meetings also.

The most important thing when setting up as a roaming entrepreneur is to remember why you are there. Whenever your internet connection is slow, or you can’t find a suitable place to work, it is always good to remember the dull existence of the daily commute back home.

About the author:  Joe Linford who writes on behalf of, the online marketplace for office space and spare desk rental in the UK. This is a sponsored post.

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  • Cheval John

    Great post here. This will be very reliable in the future.

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