[TSE 6] Surfing The Wave Of Success Online And Offline With Srini Rao

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Srini Rao

Srini Rao is a man living the dream. Currently he spends his time in Costa Rica, a world class surf destination, doing what he loves most – surfing, blogging, podcasting, speaking and consulting.

Just 4 months earlier in February 2011, Srini was still working in his day job but had half his hours cut. He was also trying to juggle his popular growing blog Skool of Life and podcast BlogcastFM which currently receives over 25,000 downloads a month!

How has Srini made a living doing what he loves in such a short amount of time?

An Overnight Success?

Like many `overnight’ success stories, you often don’t get to see all the hard work behind the scenes, over the years, that led people to where they are today. Yet Srini has done a great job of documenting his personal path, the highs and lows,  in candid style on his blog and it’s also been a big part of why he’s successful now. He tells it how it is.

When I met Srini while visiting Manhattan Beach, California last November he was not quite the cool, calm, insightful guy whose blog I’d been reading on personal development and living your dreams.

That very day Srini had had major hosting issues which meant his site was down and causing him a ton of stress. Just months later the same thing happened to me so I can now relate to how he was feeling.

At the time both of us were still figuring out our way in the land of blogging and how to make money doing what loved from anywhere in the world. Strike forward to today and we’ve both come leaps and bounds.

One thing I admire most about Srini is his incredible knack of creating lasting and meaningful relationships on line that have led to him being so popular in the blogging community and beyond. He’s the master of relationship marketing and his since written a book on it.

His ability to introduce people to each other, promote their work and engage with them has won him some great friends and opportunities including:

  • A reader setting him up with a free place to live in exchange for doing some social media consulting work for a group of real estate developers in Costa Rica
  • An invite to speak at Blogworld NYC in May this year and a variety of other speaking gigs as a result
  • Another blogger sending him a brand new suit to his friend’s apartment in NYC so he’d look less like a beach bum at Blogworld.
  • Securing a great sponsor for his Podcast and becoming an authority in his market

In this Podcast Interview you’ll learn

  • How he uses Twitter to build incredible relationships and drive a lot of traffic to his blog
  • How he balances his brand between being a professional consultant, blogger and a surf bum
  • How to build real and authentic relationships to further your success online and help others to do the same
  • Why having the right partners in your business adventures can make all the difference

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The Power of Relationship Marketing

As I said, Srini knows that the true power of your blog is in the relationship you have with your readers, your customers, and your partners.

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of his eBook Relationship Marketing and it just solidified why Srini has done so well because it’s packed with simple tips and methods to get more out of your community.

He shows you how to grow your subscriber base, increase your authority, and sell more products while connecting with people you love and having more fun blogging than you ever have. I highly recommend it as it’s written in his down to earth, friendly voice and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and with a definite plan on how to become better in all you do.


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