Stop Asking. Start Giving Yourself Permission

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Scott Belsky on how to make ideas happen

I wanted to carry on sharing the insights I learned at the World Domination Summit because they are just so god damn useful and valuable and especially since you responded so well to my previous post Three Truths And A Dare From The World Domination Summit.

Today I want to touch on musings and wisdom from the etheral Danielle LaPorte and discuss why most ideas never happen from Scott Belsky.

And I want to announce the winner of the ticket to the 2013 World Domination Summit through my $100 Change Initiative which has a whole month of momentum ahead of it so I’d love your continued support.

Let’s get straight to it:

Yes you can be successful

Here’s how from Danielle LaPorte, author of the White Hot Truth blog and The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms

Danielle La Porte gives us the white hot truth

Do the thing that will make you money fastest.

Then do the thing that will make you the most money.

Always think about scaling.

If you’re doing something one-on-one you will experience burnout

Tap Into Your Genius

To tap into your genius pay attention to the gratitude surrounding you. What do people thank you for?

Then she moved on to an important point, one that you may encounter along your entrepreneurial journey. 

When you outgrow your niche, people will tell you to stay doing what you’re doing, they just need to know about what your doing next.  Then they’ll accept this and support you.

Move on– this is creative leadership

Create from a pure heart and space and then you present it to the world and pimp it and market the heck out of it!

Create from a conscious place and then reverse engineer – who needs that, who wants this solution.

Get ruthless about it.

Seek out your audience, know where they are, have goals and a project plan.

Don’t leave a project until you’ve saturated, squeezed and milked the life out of it!

You never arrive. Don’t be impatient with the never ending creative process.

Just launch- don’t launch before its pretty awesome, but remember you can make it better later.

Stand On Your Stage

When it comes to public speaking, being prepared is an act of love.

Then hand it over to the cosmic gods.

Have a performance angel who watches over you (tall dark and handsome suits Danielle best).

Just remember that everybody wants you to win and everybody loves you.

You can always do better. That’s what standing on the edge is all about!

Use Your Energy

Feminine energy is more holistic in our approach. Male energy is more transactional.

Just do what you want to do.

Be love.

Be a hustler with heart 

As creatives be clean about your theft of what inspires you and give credit where it’s due.

Also do work in your protective bubble too so you can flourish and not be distracted by not being you.

Most ideas never happen

Scott Belsky is the founder of the 99% Conference and author of Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality.

He stated that most ideas never happen – on that I agree.

Scott Belsky on how to make ideas happen
Scott Belsky on how to make ideas happen courtesy of Chris Guillebeau Creative Commons


You’re disorganized.

You have a lack of accountability.

You have a lack of leadership capability.

You have a lack of feedback exchange.


How to make ideas happen then:

Disconnect for up to 2 hours.

Focus on your bigger goals and visions during that time.

Have your own DIY systems that you commit to.

Have a relentless focus on action

Especially in a meeting. If you capture what to focus on and who’s doing what, you will avoid duplicity and instill accountability.

Projects  label them: idle, low, medium, extreme.

Need to agree on (either you or your team) and spread the load.

Who’s in your team?

Dreamers – want to make things bigger and bolder.

Doer – pragmatic and make its happen, doesn’t want new things.

Incrementalist – fluctuates between and comes up with too many ideas.


The point is you need all types to make things work.

Most dreamers hang out with dreamers and that means shit doesn’t get done.

We all need to pace ourselves with people around us and using competition to our advantage by inciting action.

Fight apathy ruthlessly. Don’t let it kill your ideation.

Opportunities + Skills + Passion = where the magic happens

Your duty is to ask the annoying questions that keep the ship moving.

Make people make decisions to overcome bureaucracy and move forward.

If everyone says you’re crazy you’re either crazy or you’re onto something.

Stop Asking. Start Doing

I took Scott and Danielle’s advice seriously when I decided to stop asking why I couldn’t do something crazy bit and scary and start by giving myself permission to do it.

The result has been you cheering me on in my endeavour to make the $100 Change Initiative something special.

An initiative in which I want to show you how you can take $100 Change and start something incredibly worthwhile that empowers hundreds of others (inspired by Chris Guillebeau investing $100 in each of us at the summit).

I thank you for your support, feedback, ideas and inspiration. The messages, emails, shares on social media and especially the tweets have rocked my world.

Remember that nothing extraordinary is ever achieved through ordinary means. For the whole month of August I will be continuing to enlist change makers to be part of this and I hope I can count on you to ensure more and more people know about this – as that’s the key to it succeeding.

Although there were hundreds who have done their part already, joining the early announcement list, tweeting like crazy, sharing everywhere, even placing badges on their website (extra special thank you), I only have one ticket to give away (for now).

The winner of a ticket to the 2013 World Domination Summit valued at $500 is:

Terri Wingham, A Fresh Chapter.

This was drawn completely at random but I’m overjoyed, as Terri is someone I’ve come to know, since she joined my community over 1.5 years ago. Her story inspired me as she’s battled and overcome cancer .

During that time she sent little notes to keep in touch as if she knew me and we were friends (which I always love to get from my community by the way), and this really touched me.

Although we’ve never met, just last week when she signed up to be on the list to learn more about the initiative, she sent me this personal note:

“Hey Girl,

Just signed up for your latest email list. LOVE what you’ve been doing and loved seeing your updates from Africa. I just returned from a 6 month RTW Adventure of Hope where I volunteered on 5 continents in 8 countries to lay the framework for the Fresh Chapter Foundation. My latest Big Hairy Audacious Dream is to take a group of 10-12 cancer survivors to New Delhi for a pilot program and then launch programming to help thousands of other cancer survivors volunteer internationally.

As I try to structure this as a Social Enterprise instead of a pure not-for-profit (WAY too much competition for fundraising dollars), I’m excited to see 100 wonderful tips from change makers and idea junkies around the world. It’s all about continuing to find people who are not afraid to take big risks and dream big and I love seeing you do just that. My new favourite question? Why Not! Of course you can pull it off.

Big hugs girl – I hope living out of our suitcases will someday/someway bring us to the same city at the same time.

Terri xo”

So fitting right? Well congrats Terri and guess what we now get to meet at WDS 2013!

Congrats to everyone who has their name on the early announcement list and has made their commitment to change. Big updates to come this month so if you’re not already signed up, do that now 

In the comments below keep letting me know who you think is a change maker