[TSE 13] Steve Kamb Shares His Entrepreneurial Journey As A Fitness Nerd

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If there’s one person who makes me realise my epic bike ride of 6,445km to Africa is totally doable, it would be Steve Kamb of NerdFitness, because this guy exercises anywhere at anytime and makes it fun.

Like me, Steve is traveling all over the world, going on crazy adventures, and he’s helping other people level up THEIR lives along the way. He has also flown 35,000 miles for $418 all around the world.

Steve Kamb does a handstand

I can’t really sum him up any better than his Twitter bio which states:

Rebel leader of NerdFitness.com, Google guest lecturer, epic quester, adventure-travel hacker. I help nerds and desk jockeys lose weight and live better. Win.

Yes that is exactly what Steve does, but he also does it in style and his story is a pretty incredible one. Of a blogger struggling to make sense of all the effort he was putting in, when he knew he had a greater message to share.

Who then decided to turn what he was doing on its head, and in doing so turn his blog around and create a thriving army of nerd fitness geeks and superheroes and an amazing business in just 9 months, including a clothing line. And by the looks of his epic quests, he’s not stopping there people. No siree! This guy is on a mission.

In this interview with Steve Kamb you will learn:

  • What he achieved with 9 months of publishing 5 articles a week to his blog
  • What one critical thing he focused on after 9 months that improved his blog performance 10 times and allowed him to build a raving community and huge subscriber base.
  • How he’s grown his free message boards from 20-30 active members into 3100+ members.
  • What his primary goal was with launching his 3 ebook for beginner rebel fitness guides
  • How he’s managed to increase his profits month on month to 5 figures with no advertising on his site

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