[TSE 95] Master the Art of Self Promotion and Sponsorship with Jason Surfrapp

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Jason QuoteWould you consider selling your name? Well, that’s exactly what this podcast guest has done – not once, not twice, but thrice!

Jason “Surfrapp” originally known as Jason Sadler is one of the most innovative and dynamic online marketers. He’s known for doing outrageously cool things and coming up with out-of-the box marketing tactics for brands.

In 2012, he started his first website where he built an online community for branded t-shirts. In just 3 short years, his website had received over 3 million views. That’s huge!

Perhaps what Jason is most known for now is for auctioning off his name for business three separate times. which explains why he is currently known as Surfrapp. It’s crazy to see how much his brands have benefited from these changes. Each change spiked his brand PR, but this marketing stunt has also generated some serious online buzz from the social media communities he has built.

Don’t believe me? His dog’s Facebook page has more likes than a lot of people’s business pages! Hmm, perhaps I should consider a change. Natalie Suitcasepreneur – what do you think?

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How Jason Surfrapp generated over $ 1 million of revenue in 5 years
  • Why you need to understand the power of email marketing over social media
  • How to make more money than what most authors make, before selling a single copy of the book
  • Why the art of delegation can help you focus on your core strengths
  • Key tips to improve your online content marketing and the value of investing in human relationships
  • Why following the herd is not going to take you anywhere
  • One thing that all entrepreneurs and business owners should do
  • Why first impressions are so very important

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