Everybody has the right to build a business from anywhere and design a lifestyle they love. There is no better time than now to do exactly this.

So why is it that most entrepreneurs are still working over 63% more hours than employees and struggling to build a profitable business that makes a real impact on people’s lives while giving them the freedom to live their life how they desire?

There is absolutely no reason for you to be working crazy hours, being a slave to your email, smartphone and customers when you can leverage the power of the Internet and the amazing tools and systems available to you to free up more time, money and save your sanity.

Your most precious commodity is time, so how great will it feel to have a thriving online business and have the power of being your own boss? Damn great that’s for sure!

Lucas Mattiello“I had the privilege of listening to Natalie speak live and was impressed with the value she delivered. Many speakers sugarcoat the steps needed to succeed in starting a successful online business and it causes me to question if it’s possible. This is what sets Natalie apart because she shares the secrets to success and is very candid about the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Her passion to assist people build a successful online business and choose freedom from working for other people is infectious and I highly recommend listening to Natalie speak if you’re interested in having a successful online business and a lifestyle you love.”
~ Lucas Mattiello, Founder of Level Up Living, Vancouver, Canada 

The only thing that’s preventing you getting this in life is taking action!

The entire focus of my work is to ensure you create freedom in business and adventure in life by investing in yourself today to begin realizing the potential that you know you’re capable of achieving on your own terms and by tapping into the new way of working through online tools, social media and outsourcing. What are you waiting for?

Speaking Topics I love to talk about

Natalie speaking at the Social Light Conference in Vancouver, CanadaFor those of you who have seen me speak, met me in person, listened to my podcast, heard me on webinars or seen me on video – I LOVE TO TALK. But luckily I also share a ton of value, a load of insight, great stories and keep it entertaining, visual, and fun.

Key topics I can talk to and that are the key themes in my No #1 Bestselling book are:

  • How to run your business from anywhere in the world and live your dream lifestyle
  • How to monetize yourself and build a thriving brand, business and a loyal super community
  • The future of work and why there is no better time than now to build your own business
  • How to work four hours a day by streamlining your business using the best online tools and technology
  • How to use social media as your marketing, sales and customer service team
  • How to build a world-class team you may never meet
  • How to become a pro at being a location independent digital nomad and worldclass traveler

Short Bio

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Natalie Sisson is a Suitcase Entrepreneur and Adventurer who travels the world living out of her suitcase, running a highly successful online business from her laptop and smartphone, and teaching others how to do the same. She’s on a mission to ensure you create freedom in business and adventure in life and in her No #1 Bestselling book The Suitcase Entrepreneur she details exactly how to do this for yourself. You can grab your copy here.

Official Speaking Bio

After 8 years in the corporate world, Natalie Sisson left her high paying job that was sucking the life out of her creativity and ability to put a dent in the world, and flew off to another country to play World Championship Ultimate Frisbee and start her first business.

After cutting her teeth in the entrepreneurial world as a cofounder of a technology startup, she went on to take her blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, and turn it into the thriving lifestyle business she can run from just a laptop and her smartphone.

Driven by her desire to obtain what most value so highly but few achieve – ultimate freedom, she spent the first two years hustling like crazy, making the same mistakes most new business owners do and learning a lot of hard lessons before she developed the blueprint to building a thriving online business and dream lifestyle.

Now Natalie teaches thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to fast track their own business success and design a lifestyle they love through becoming leading learners and masters in outsourcing, social media and online tools through her blog, podcast, lifestyle videos, coaching and digital products and programs.

Natalie is a No #1 Bestselling Amazon Author, a contributor to Forbes, and has been featured on many other publications and media outlets including Huffington Post, American Express Open Forum, Mashable, Visa Business Network, Social Media Today and PayPal.

Originally from New Zealand, Natalie has citizenship in the United Kingdom, permanent residence in Canada, has travelled to 63 countries to date and lived on 5 continents.

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Natalie Sisson coaching from anywhere

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Book Natalie to speak:

Please send an email to angeline [at] suitcaseentrepreneur [dot] com with further details and we will get right back to you or leave an audio message right here.

What people have to say

Tricia Jackson“Natalie – you are an exceptional speaker with so much passion, it is contagious”
~Tricia Jackson, International Career Manager, Robert Walters

John Morrell

“You’re knowledgeable,  focused, disciplined, articulate and enthusiastic! All the right ingredients for a great presenter…”
~John Morrell, Director, New Zealand Business Forums Limited

Charlottie“Hugely inspired by Natalie’s presentation. As a self-employed Kiwi lady myself, I have at times felt incredibly overwhelmed and “stuck”. Natalie has shown me some great tools to work from anywhere and in any environment – and how to maximise my time. I feel reinvigorated and empowered. Thanks, Natalie!” – Charlotte Everett

Wendy“I loved your talk at the New Zealand Business Women’s event in London. You spoke with such passion and sincere commitment about your life as a Suitcase Entrepreneur. You did a great job challenging the audience’s paradigms of how they live their live and what else could be possible if they really wanted it to be. You were pushing at quite a few hot buttons!! And you managed their resistance to change in an elegant and empathetic manner. Thanks for sharing so many of your effective tips to better manage online businesses. I have started to apply them to mine and I’m already seeing the results!” – Wendy Kerr, CorporateCrossovers.com

Where have I spoken?

Book Natalie to speak:

Please send an email to angeline [at] suitcaseentrepreneur [dot] com with further details and we will get right back to you or leave an audio message right here.