Learn how to build a thriving community online and drive real traffic and new leads to your website and blog

The Social Media Club is a free initiative I’ve designed to show you how to get the most out of social media to act as your marketing, sales and customer service department rolled into one..

As a club member you’re invited to enjoy a vibrant Facebook Group, where members share tips and the latest updates with each other, and get fast answers to their social media and business questions.

You’ll also benefit from the unique inbuilt marketing and promotion of your content by all members, once a week, extending your reach and visibility well beyond your own networks to a whole new audience.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to gain a following online of real fans, likes and followers that build your online buzz and brand exposure
  • Customize and Optimize your social media profiles to drive leads and referrals that convert to sales
  • Get the latest updates on new features and changes, and learn how to easily implement and apply them
  • Enjoy tips and tricks on SEO to increase traffic to your blog and website and get found by potential clients.

Join the Club

What Club Members Have to Say:

“I love being a part of the Social Media Club. June’s video was a real gem, packed full of really useful tips. So much stuff we didn’t know. Natalie is the definitely the master when it comes to social media!” – Angela G. Horn

“Joining Social Media Club is like having your own social media consultant at a fraction of the cost. Listening to Natalie Sisson’s webinars on how to use social media (it can be quite overwhelming!) helped me in my work as a journalist as I have to respond to a more “social” audience. At the same time, being in SMC also helped me in building a multimedia travel network. So it’s like having a consultant AND signing up for an ongoing e-course. Not bad for $20 a month. I’d take that over designer coffees any day.” – Prime Sarmiento

“The social media club has been a fantastic way to both a) learn how to plan and implement a social media strategy and b) give me timely reminders to keep plugging away at it! So thanks, an excellent tool for us so far in the growth of our small business! ” – Rachel Lewis

“The social media club is by far one of the best groups I have ever belong to, Natalie is on my tweeter list named – Social Media experts, on my G+ circles – People who know what they are doing- , facebook list – SM Professionals, and she also has an special folder in my email – the suitcase entrepreneur, if anyone is looking for a SM strategist look no further, also Natalie’s social media Club webinars are packed with useful applicable information. Thank you Natalie. ” – Karina Eva

“I joined the social media club because as a newbie to social media I was terrified of using the different tools and didn’t know where to start, while being aware of just how important social media is today in spreading the word and growing a business. I am really enjoying the club – it is a great, supportive environment & you also learn from each other. The monthly calls are great where we can interact via chat or phone and I love how practical they are where you will actually show us what to do.” – Claire Kerslake

“I can safely say I had social media overwhelm. Before joining the social media club I had managed to grasp the basics in that at least I had a presence but as things are changing so quickly I felt left behind. Having followed Natalie for a while I knew that the information that she would provide would be to the point, easy to understand and implement. No only did the Social Media Club deliver all this, the support of all members was fantastic and everyone is genuinely there to help you get your message out there. Priceless!” – Jennie Harland-Khan

Nadine Nicholson“Most entrepreneurs are juggling a million moving parts in their businesses. Natalie makes social media easy and uncomplicated, allowing you to focus more time and effort on what brings in the profits and less time figuring out what she can easily teach you.” ~ Nadine Nicholson, Calgary, Canada

How Does The Club Work?

1. Access to our Private Facebook Group

This is where the Social Media Club members meet and where I post interesting facts, tips or articles throughout the week to keep you on your toes and so do members. I monitor the Group closely and answer questions daily (no selling or self promotion is allowed). Club members ask and answer great questions to from email platforms, to WordPress plugins to strategies for guest posting.

2. Social Media Marketing and Promotion

Once a week, each member can post something they want shared or retweeted by group members on social networks. In return, you do the same for them. Trust me, this works really well. This is all done via a simple Google Group with the potential to make your message reach a whole new audience!

“What a great community! I joined the club to not only discover new ideas but to also meet new ‘virtual’ friends who face similar social media challenges. So far, I’ve been impressed with your ability to attract a diverse group of members who actively participate in the club. Plus, you always have something new and exciting to share – tools and shortcuts that are not yet on my radar (ie. paywithatweet and boomerang for gmail). The true “sharing-nature” of your Social Media Club members to use the forum to promote their questions as well as have their content shared by everyone is a huge bonus. My questions always get answered and learning from your real-life examples has been extremely helpful when planning my social media strategy. A huge thank you!” – Connie Hammond

“Natalie knows what she’s doing! Her energy, knowledge and never afraid to ‘step out of the box’ always inspires me! Having a Social Media club is such a fantastic idea – share ideas, meet new people, learn new strategies and keep up-to-date with the latest technology. She is also fantastic at answering emails, comments in the Facebook page – she definitely practices what she preaches! Well done Natalie!” – Maureen Floris

“Keep abreast with the latest in Social Media; valuable hints and tips. My journey continues with Natalie. Thanks NS!” – Jacqueline Burgess

“Natalie really knows social media and I’ve learned so much from her in just a few short months. Staying connected is key and The Social Media Club is a great way to connect, share, and grow your business.” – Carey Kingsbury

“Social media is an rapidly changing environment. As a solo business owner, it is difficult (if not impossible) to stay up to date with developments. But the Social Media Club, hosted by Natalie Sisson, makes it easy. Natalie helps to sort through the proliferation of information & make its simple to stay up to date with the changes & information that will make the most difference to my business. I highly recommend this group to other small business owners. ” – Jen Brown

Jules Taggart“What would I do without the social media club? I have learned so much from Natalie’s coaching videos and the interactive community within the Facebook group. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to have a team of other influential and well-conneced people while building your online business. ” – Jules Taggart