Simplify Your Business. Simplify Your Life. Then Unwind.

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If you’ve made it this far in the November Challenge – then congrats. You’re almost at the end of the first week of FOCUS. Today I’ve combined unwinding with simplification. Enjoy!

There comes a time when you have to say enough.

“I will implement some creative systems that help me look more like Ivana Trump and less like a crazy chimpanzee going nuts.”

To me this visual sums up the two extremes of types of people in business. Those who are cool, calm, collected and organized, and those that are out of control and overwhelmed.

If you’re somewhere in the middle then what’s holding you back from becoming uber efficient so you can work ON your business and not in it?

I was reading the free copy of Ali Brown’s Shine mag we all got given at the conference.

And like Michael Gerber’s e-Myth where he talks about working on the biz and not in it, Ali says something similar. It resonated a lot.

`Time is the most important asset you have – and unlike money, once you’ve spent it, you can’t earn any more’.

Like I wrote in my post – How to catch a time thief and get more done – it’s all about systems and outsourcing in my mind.

The smart people do this from day one. The rest of us ignoramouses (also known as control freaks and highly motivated people) tend to think we can do it all ourselves.

Not smart. Nope. If you have no systems – or very few it’s time to get organized.

Here are some top tips on how to create systems for your business that will allow you to simplify

  • Write down everything you’re doing
  • Pick your top 3 for the week
  • Decide what each outcome should be
  • Map out the steps, one by one
  • Use flowcharts if you’re visual – consider using Smartdraw or Xmind
  • Make a `How to’ video of you actually doing the task if it’s online – use Screenflow or Camtasia
  • Have team members update it regularly (remember that new virtual team you’ve hired)
  • Keep all your documents in a central location – like DropBox or Box or BackupElf

One you’ve one that you then get to relax. Watch my fun on location `Unwind’ video set in Las Vegas Airport and then in San Francisco.

Let’s dive on in to week 2 of November and continue to make it our best.

Oh for the record I’ve not had coffee or chocolate since the first and just two glasses of wine. Although I’ve had a headache for most on the caffeine withdrawl of this week I am feeling much calmer and sleeping better.

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Do make sure you add your own tips on unwinding below and add a comment to the November Challenge and share it out with your friends. The response has been great so far.

  • nice video cool

  • nice video cool

  • hanks for sharing your passion

  • hanks for sharing your passion

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