Selling Your Soul And Becoming a Client Magnet

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Listening to the amazing Diana Krall crooning her smooth jazz tunes today I couldn’t help but smile at her opening lyric:

“I only want what’s the best thing for you, and the best thing for you would be me!”

I think it’s a fantastic opening line to attract the clients you want for your business. At the very least it would perk their interest! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that lately. More to the point, about getting more of them and achieving amazing results for them. This leads to one thing – brilliant lasting relationships and more moollah, dinero – you know – money honey.

Where would we be in business without our gorgeous clients! Yet so many entrepreneurs seem to struggle with attracting the right clients to their business and selling themselves authentically. In fact it’s one of the most frequent topics on forums I read about.

As a result I wrote the highly popular  How to Attract Your Ideal Red Carpet Client and The Best Way To Attract An Endless Stream of Clients to give you some actionable steps for getting more clients.

Giving advice is so much easier than taking your own. It dawned on me last week when my site was getting a reorganize from the lovely Jessica Barnett that I’d managed to hide away the very essence of what I do and offer – note the new `Work With Me’ section in the main navigation!

I also realised that for the majority of my life I’ve let people come to me because in all honesty I have an aversion to outright selling. I also have a natural delusion that I attract the right clients just by being relentlessly passionate about helping others and producing high quality products and programs laden with integrity and packed with value.

To date it’s worked. But it’s certainly not the right attitude to build me a thriving 6 or 7 figure business. I tell everyone else how to go about attracting the right clients and somehow and manage to avoid it myself.

Until now. This week I’ve been busy collecting rich snippets of delicious insight from the thought leaders and action takers in this area. Since taking action is what I’m all about I wanted to sum it up in this blog for you to benefit from.

Selling Your Soul

I got myself on a value packed call with Danielle LaPorte (who I was fortunate enough to conduct The White Hot Truth Interview with last year) and Marie Forleo last week. These two ladies are masters at selling their soul in all the right ways.

Both of them charge $1000 per hour for coaching and have 6-7 figure businesses, raving fans and are running a sold out event that cost $1,000 for one day in NYC very soon called Selling Your Soul.

So when they talk I listen. I also take notes. Here’s the juicy takeaways from their call:

“Selling is getting someone emotionally and intellectually engaged to take action to get a result that is beneficial to them.”


How do you do this? The secret (well not so secret now) formula is:

1) A compelling offer + 2) casual tone + 3) cajones (confidence) = CASH + COMMITMENT

Let’s break that down!

Create a compelling offer

Pack your offer with value, delight the pants off your clients, care for your peeps more than anyone else and do it with integrity (my number one value in life by the way).

Casual Courting

Make it fun – casual but well crafted copy works best and write how you speak. It has to sound like you . Do the friend filter – if you wouldn’t say it to a friend don’t write it. Treat your customers like a friend – tell them all it will do and what it WON’T do.

Try speaking your copy and having it transcribed – I recommend using Dragon Dictation for that! Remember: Not everyone is your friend! Reach your own unique tribe.

Top tip: Get interviewed by a professional copywriter to tell your story and let them know what you need – i.e a rockin 300 word bio or an 800 word speaker script. PS three of my fave are Amy Harrison – who’s just launched a Get your Sales Page Done Bootcamp for Businesses and Bloggers, Matt Gartland and Matthew Goldfarb.

Cajones Baby

This is about believing in what you’re selling. If you don’t there are two reasons why:

  1. You don’t have sales confidence – advice? GET OVER IT.
  2. Your product isn’t great – advice? MAKE IT AMAZING

Stand behind what you do. Be powerful. Be confident. Firmly stand in the beauty and clarity of your service (give you one guess who said that).

Particularly important is to disconnect from your chattering mind and stand in your place of love and confidence. This doesn’t mean you won’t be fearless. I love this on how to sell yourself:

“Radiate yourself and state the facts”

You need to create your art from within yourself. Then when it comes out polish it continually. The how to of that is coming in a follow up post to break this down further.