[Part 3] Best Online Tools to Sell Your First Online Product

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[Part 3] Best Online Tools to Sell Your First Online Product

Launching online products is probably one of my favorite past times, but it wasn’t always so, and when I was starting out I missed about a million steps that would have been that much better for my launch results.

That’s why I’ve put out this four part video series to help you understand the four phases of launching just about anything.

In part one we talked about how to plan for your product launch and in part two about how to take those plans and turn them into reality and actually launch.

Today we’re going to get into the niggly technical stuff that trips up most first-time online launches. Namely, how do you sell the damn thing?

There are tons of platforms out on the interwebs all telling you that they’re the best, but the ones that are actually going to be best for your product dwindle down to a handful.

Watch this video to find out which platforms you should be using to sell your products and manage your affiliates.

(And the last tip in the video will surely help you take Pat Flynn’s signature advice for how to quickly build a business online.)

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Two of the best + most simple online payment tools to use
  • Two systems for managing affiliates that are cost-effective and efficient
  • Which must-have plan you need to refer back to when selling your product

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