[218] James Schramko 2016 Predictions on Creating and Running An Online Business

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Do you want to build your own online business in 2016 and make real money that supports your ideal lifestyle?

218 QuoteWell if you follow my podcast you’ll know that I’ve had several podcast guests on who’ve showed us how they started off working 9 to 5 and went on to build their own business – some even to the tune of millions of dollars online.

If you are still in doubt that you’re capable of making it like they have, then you’ll want to take notes as our podcast guest today explains how he started as a sales manager and now has an amazing freeing 7 figure business while off surfing and going on adventures around the world.

James Schramko lives in Sydney, Australia and he is a podcaster and the owner of Super Fast Business. He helps online entrepreneurs create lasting and valuable businesses that fit with their lifestyle.

James is the go-to strategic advisor for many of the top Internet Business owners looking to go a step above a solo practitioner business.

His real world experience running multi-million dollar businesses uniquely positions him as a high level problem solver of rare calibre. Teams, systems, cashflow, traffic and leverage are terms James understands better than most.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how James rose to the top, tips to drive traffic to your online course and pricing your products, programs & offerings.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The step by step process James followed to go from being a big fish in a small pond, to being a little fish in a big pond
  • How to avoid being a jack-of-all-trades in your business (by only focusing on the things you love most and resonate with) and work for just a few hours a day
  • The value of “eating beans” in life and business that’s overlooked by most people
  • What to do online AND offline to avoid being robbed of everything you value while traveling
  • Where most people get stuck when they’re just getting started (and ways to get out of this quickly)
  • The place to go if you’re starting your business from scratch
  • Why most advice around “creating an avatar” is misleading
  • The most important thing about any offer online (or offline) and exactly how to structure your pricing the right way
  • The type of offer that the biggest companies in the world are already leveraging (and why you should aim for this same kind of offer in your business)
  • The dirty little secret about membership style sites (and the ? rule James lives by)
  • How you should measure the value of your products, courses, and membership offerings
  • The 2 trends James is expecting in the next five years (and how to avoid getting caught on the losing side of either)

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