[TSE 19] Risk Expert Tyler Tervooren Shows You How to Take More Risks in Life and Your Business

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A man who seeks better living through uncertainty, taking more risks in life, and so leads to better and more fulfilling lifestyle.  A fellow who enjoys stepping outside his comfort zone on a regular basis, always challenging himself, please welcome Tyler Tervooren.

Originally from a small town in Portland, Oregon, Tyler lived a standard, normal life.  The expectations were living a conservative life—go to school, get a job, get a wife, have kids, and wait for retirement.  He followed that up to the point of getting a job, although deep down Tyler knew that this path was not right for him.  His wake-up call came in February 2010, when he was laid off from his corporate job.  For Tyler, this was a gift in disguise as he fully committed to his blog.

Tyler found small pleasures from taking small risks in his life.  He started keeping a written record, and then continually wrote on his blog.

“The truest freedom is of the mind. A conscious act to embrace the unknown.”

So what’s his blog of Advanced Riskology about?

Tyler’s purpose for his blog, Advanced Riskology, as the blog name suggests, is to help people make risks in their lives to live a more fulfilling life.

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In this interview with Tyler you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for launching your first product
  • The lessons Tyler learned and applied from his first product launch that he used in his second launch
  • Tyler’s secret to creating a buy-in audience ahead of launching, so people knew about products beforehand
  • Managing portable businesses from anywhere, even from a boat!


  • Check out Tyler’s blog at riskology.co
  • Tweet Tyler on @tylertervooren
  • Tyler’s most recent product, the Guerilla Influence Formula is jam packed with great tips and strategies.  An awesome guide to creating amazing content online and making a living from your passionate topic.  A guarantee of 1000 subscribers for your site.  Definitely worth checking out here!
  • Outright Accounting software for self-employed, small business owners to keep a record of their book keeping.  Currently has a great free service with $9.95 a month for more options, but guarantee they will be raising prices soon!
  • E-Junkie A Premium ecommerce platform or in simple terms, digital shopping cart for selling your digital products.
  • Google + A much more intimate way to connect with your readers and customers compared to Facebook.
  • You Are Extraordinary: Getting Over The Fear of Standing Out

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  • The tips in this podcast are incredibly valuable to me, personally; and they come from someone in my hometown, although, I am a Native & not a transplant of PuddleCity. Thanks for posting this. As far as risks, everyone should be able to garner some inspiration from this 101 years young Great-Great Grandmother who Paraglided into the Guinness Record Books for her Birthday.~


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