Revealing the Brand NEW Sales Page Designs Done in Less Than a Week [Video]

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Brand New Sales Page Design

I love letting you in behind the scenes of building an online business, and this week is no exception, as I reveal not one, but two, beautifully redesigned sales page on my site.

How to redesign a sales page in a week

If you missed out last week, then make sure you  read and watch `How to write and design a sales page that converts‘.

This is where Karl Staib essentially takes apart my existing BizShop and BYOB sales pages, and then walks you through, step by step, his optimization strategy of my page.

We look at the good, the bad and the (not so) ugly elements of my product pages and what I need to do to make them a gazillion times better.

Judging by the rave reviews, comments and personal messages, you apparently loved this review too.

That’s why this week I’m excited, the `pee in my pants’ kind of excited, to unveil the new look pages and their complete redesign.

Can you believe your eyes?

In this second video in our sales page conversion series, we reveal the key changes we’ve made, based on Karl’s great recommendations, and the redesigns.

While they may not look THAT different to you, there’s been a lot of love and work gone on behind the scenes, in an incredibly fast turnaround time.

Credit goes to Karl Staib for the advice, and Alex for the actual optimization and beautification – you rock!

I’ve personally fallen in love with them, so I’m dying to know, what you do you think?

Watch the video now to see the changes

Or watch it live on YouTube.

Here’s an overview of the changes you can see in the video above:

  • I made a number of copy changes to the Bizshop, reducing the amount of text on the page
  • I tidied up the testimonials and added in fresh images of the wonderful people who gave them
  • Alex my WP guru removed the blog banner header to create a dedicated landing page feel
  • The titles were made much bigger and bolder as were the product images
  • New call to action buttons like Buy Now were added in keeping with feel of the page and site
  • Layouts of elements on the page were improved and optimized for highlighting key points and ease of reading

The results have definitely proven these changes have been worth it, and since these changes I’ve gone on to make more tweaks and seen even more conversions and sales.