Rebel Emperor Chris Guillebeau Tells Us How to Achieve World Domination And Live The Life You Want

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Set your own rules. Live the Life you want. Change the world.

Not your average everyday endeavour, but for Chris Guillebeau it’s how he lives his life.

Chris is a my favourite rebel emperor who’s created his own army of remarkable people to spread his mission to the masses.

I first came across Chris’ blog the Art of Non Conformity last year and was hooked.

Here’s a guy who is not only a hugely talented writer and been self-employed almost all his life, but he’s also out to visit every country in the world.

I was astonished. That blew away my mission to see half the countries in the world.

Here I am at 44 countries and Chris is on 149/192. Buggar!

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person in Vancouver earlier this year.

He sent me a surprise text telling me he was landing in YVR and had a few hours up his sleeve. Did we want to meet up?

Ahhhh wait a minute let me check my schedule……ok yes. That would be great (she says dropping everything and running out the door).

Our discussions over a cup of hot tea didn’t disappoint. For those of you who know Chris, he has this unique ability to make you feel way more important than him.

It started when I emailed him one day saying why I was enjoying his blog and he wrote me back as if I was his best friend.

This led to us sitting in a artsy cafe discussing blogs, building a business, following your dreams, creating an empire, travelling the world and Ultimate Frisbee – the only thing I think I’m better at Chris than…..

He recently published his first book – titled The Art Of Non-conformity and it’s naturally been a huge hit with his empire and beyond. Here’s one of my fave excerpts:

Principles of Unconventional Living

“When you reach the convergence between getting what you really want while also helping others in a unique way. I call this “world domination”, where you live a life of adventure and focus on leaving a legacy that makes a radical difference for other people. There’s no need to settle or accept anything less.”

Since I think his message is one we all need to hear, I asked Chris a few questions for the WomanzWorld community and got him to do a short video (which he hates doing so thank you Chris!).

You’ve built an incredible empire as part of your world domination mission – what advice would you give others wanting to do the same?

The first and most important advice is that we have to align our own world domination plans with those of others. We have to find the convergence between what we’re passionate about and what other people are also passionate about. Business-wise, it helps to address pain points and offer a solution to a problem. If you can identity a core need and then come along to offer a clear solution, you’re on the right track.

How important has integrating social media been for achieving the business results you have, the raving fans and ultimately the level of success in 3 short years?

Extremely important! I call my readers the small army of remarkable people. They are what has helped AONC grow to a community of 40,000+ people in just over two years. Much of this process happens organically, through Twitter, Facebook, and other online networks. And of course, the best is yet to come.

As with any emperor building an army, how do you decide what strategic move to focus on next and when the battle with conformity is won?

I’m always pursuing a range of things at the same time. I try to spend half my working time creating, and the other half connecting. But within those two broad areas, there are a lot of different tactics and activities. Mostly I feel very fortunate to do what I do, so I try to take it seriously and treat it with the intensity it deserves.

During the scary times – when you have doubts and fears, what steps do you take to keep on pushing through so you can carry on changing the world?

First of all, I don’t think it’s a good idea to pretend to be fearless. I don’t like this culture of fearlessness or the idea that some people aren’t afraid of anything. It’s better, I think, to acknowledge and engage with our fears. What is the root issue? What are we really afraid of? Then, try not to let fear make decisions for you. Make decisions based on what you would do if fear were not present.

I highly recommend you buy his book The Art Of Non-conformity.

I’m reading the book right now and it’s like reading my own mind, seriously, I’m so in line with creating freedom and changing the world that it makes me smile every time I pick it up.