[TSE 7] How To Reach One Million In Sales While On A Tropical MBA

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Dan Andrews

In this week’s podcast, I speak with someone living the dream. A tropical one at that.

I was inspired getting off this interview with Dan Andrews, of Tropical MBA fame. He’s got a great outlook on life and is truly motivational with his entrepreneurial insight and current business on track to do $1 million in sales this year.

Coming from 60+ hour work weeks in the corporate world to redefining the life he wanted, Dan currently lives in beautiful Bali and runs a team of  people around the world, including offices in the Philippines and San Diego.

Dan has mastered outsourcing the right stuff so he can focus on what he does best – running pool parties, connecting entrepreneurs and sponsoring 7 aspiring entrepreneurs’ internships!

He has lived in Boracay, Dumaguete, Manila, Cebu, and Puerto Galera, Phillipines and Thailand and clearly shows no signs of slowing down or living a life less rewarding, enriching and full of fun.

Dan and his friend Ian run the very popular Lifestyle Business Podcast for lifestyle designers and lifestyle entrepreneurs that you should definitely check out.

What you’ll learn in this interview

  • How you can leave the rat race and work smart to build a thriving business
  • Why outsourcing is the key to living your ideal lifestyle
  • The power of an entrepreneurial community to achieve your dreams and purpose
  • The key tools Dan uses to run his business – it’s more simple than you think

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Dan’s $80,000 Savings Tip

As you’ll hear in our conversation, Dan used to pay someone $80,000 to project manage much of his work and fired him when he realised that by simply doing a 30 minute weekly review with each of his team members was getting better results. They also write a brief report he reads through each Friday.

Each week they drill down into exactly what’s happening with the business – revenue, traffic numbers, keywords, any challenges and also the big wins. This alone has allowed him to focus on the most important stuff to drive his business forward.

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