[TSE 8] How Jodi Ettenberg Dared To Become A Legal Nomad

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Jodi Ettenberg Legal Nomads on the Suitcase Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure of meeting Jodi Ettenberg, a pint-sized powerhouse and chief adventurer at Legal Nomads, at the World Domination Summit in Portland this year.

Jodi's own photo of her and a Tiger in Chiang Mai, Thailand

She was a key speaker up on stage, captivating the audience with her stories on how a dare ensured she wound up in law school and how that trend of accepting dares led her to her current wonderful nomadic life on the road.

I can’t really sum her up better than she does. So stealing from her website full of amazing photos, exploding in colour and richness from the page, as well as her beautifully crafted writing style, capturing her international travels, here is her bio:

I am a former lawyer from Montreal currently eating my way around the world, one country at a time. Marshmallow enthusiast, volcano climber and cave spelunker – and also a geek.

Culture, food and travel pretty much make up Jodi’s life and she now makes a living out of doing the things she loves most. Her story is quite unique in that there was no clear path to where she is now. She has simply lived her life based on her own values and, in return,  it has rewarded her honesty, integrity and bravery to do her own thing.

What you’ll learn in this interview

  • How you can create an amazing life from accepting a dare
  • Why leaving your chosen career path to a road less travelled can be a great move
  • How to make the most of opportunities that come out of doing what comes naturally
  • What you can learn from travel, photography and a love for international cuisine
  • How to build a cool community and keep your finger on the pulse with social media

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  • Check out Jodi’s website LegalNomads.com
  • Tweet Jodi on @legalnomads
  • Key Tools Jodi Uses:
    • Tweet deck for managing Twitter and other social networks
    • Evernote for clipping just about everything on the web
    • Summify that she hooks up to Google Reader to summarize her RSS feeds
    • Quora for asking and answering intelligent questions
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Here’s Jodi’s own HipMunk cartoon for kicks.
Jodi Ettenberg and her HipMunk status