[TSE 9] How Corbett Barr Builds A Thriving and Profitable Audience Online While Living Abroad

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Corbett Bar Think Traffic

 Corbett Bar Think TrafficYou may just have heard of Corbett Barr. If not, I’d question where you’ve been hanging out on the web. Aside from being a really down to earth guy, who is kind and generous in his knowledge, he’s also built a 6 figure a year business doing what he does best.

His favourite coined phrase and one philosophy he lives by is to write epic shit, and I couldn’t agree more! It’s certainly done wonders for him.

You see, Corbett is a staunch advocate for us entrepreneurs, especially those starting out with new websites or blogs who want to build up traffic and understand the principles of marketing in building solid foundations online. He’s done an incredible job of building a huge amount of traffic for his own sites and then showing others how to do the same.

Over at ThinkTraffic.net, he teaches people how to build a thriving and profitable audience for your website or blog. He runs Traffic School – a great program I’m a part of where you build on all the principles of how to write great blog content, drive traffic to your site, reach out to other bloggers, understand guest posting, use keywords wisely and more importantly track your progress.

He keeps the creativity flowing by introducing fun yet extremely valuable initiatives like like The Million Dollar Blog Project and manages to write moving and motivational posts on his own site geared towards adventurous entrepreneurs – now you can see why he’s my kind of guy.

What I like most about his set up though, is that Corbett and his lovely wife take regular 6 month sabbaticals to live in other countries and take real time off. A lot of his business ticks along nicely in the background because he’s set it up that way.

In this Interview You’ll Learn

  • How Corbett built his business from the ground up and his startup background that led him to be a serial entrepreneur
  • His top tips for forming deeper connections with the big bloggers and which platforms to focus on first
  • How and what to outsource on your blog and what you should always do yourself
  • Why it’s so great to take off to exotic places and live in different countries each year

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  • Check out Corbett’s website at CorbettBarr.com
  • Tweet Corbett on @thinktraffic
  • Key Tools Corbett Uses:
    • Currently using Wedoist.com – light project management tool at $5 pm for project
    • Uses Virtual Stafffinder from Chris Drucker https://www.virtualstafffinder.com/
    • Uses elance.com to find staff for certain contracts or work on his websites
    • His virtual assistant does: Transcripts, video editing, writing content and publishing content