How a Jazz Pianist Made $23,000 in 4 Days By Launching His Niche Offering

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The key feedback you gave me in the results of my 2015 Annual Suitcase Entrepreneur Survey, is that you wanted more success case studies from me, my clients and members of my Freedom Plan who are building freedom lifestyle businesses on their own terms.

So welcome to the first in the series of ones I hope to share with you on a monthly basis so that you can be inspired into action to achieve your own dream lifestyle business.

Case Study: The Jazz Pianist Who’s Revolutionized the Traditional Teaching Model into 5 Figure Launches

Brenden LoweBrenden Lowe was in my mastermind club and attended my 1 Day Freedom Mastermind in San Diego in March 2015.

During that time through consuming everything I taught, making the most of my mastermind community and applying everything he was learning through his own research, he went on to truly conquer his online niche as a Jazz Pianist.

Below is his story, in his words, which I’m super proud to present:

My name is Brenden Lowe and I just had the recent success of making $23,000 dollars in 4 days.

Pretty cliché beginning right? Well, trust me, I’m not rich by any means and I don’t live an extravagant life.

Far from it actually. I’m a musician with $10,000 in debt and barely make rent. While this recent pay day was extremely exciting and noteworthy I still have a long way to go. I’m sure you’re wondering how I made that much money. Well here’s how I did it.

#1 – How I found my business idea.

I’ve always wanted to be financially free. Even at the age of 10, I couldn’t believe people would spend the majority of their life at work! You get one life and you’re going to spend it doing crap for other people? No way jose! That wasn’t going to be me.

I naturally fell into music because of my father who is the Concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I ended up getting my 4 year degree in Jazz Piano Performance.

After graduating, I pursued my dream of financial freedom. I tried real estate, personal training, multi level marketing of all kinds, owned my own brick and mortar business, but none of these gave me the most important thing I needed; time.

All my jobs paid well but I was working 50-60 hours a week. That’s not how I wanted to be living my life. I ended up switching to a full time musician. Now I was I dead broke!

I needed something that could make money on the side, but what? I’ve always been an information junkie. Any subject that catches my interest gets devoured in days.

I eventually stumbled upon Pat Flynn’s podcast and knew I had found something huge! Online business! I had thought about that before but didn’t know how to monetize my passion.

By listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast I was beginning to discover a whole world of online business where people were making money doing what they love! It was incredible! I later found Natalie Sisson’s podcast and immediately connected with her brand, “The Suitcase Entrepreneur”!  This was the exact lifestyle I wanted to live!

All I needed was a business. Well why not do something with music? Of course! If it was a snake it would have bitten me. How did I not realize this before? I love music and I love teaching so why not create an online business around it? There it was. My business idea was born.

People often overlook what’s right in front of them. It is literally that easy. Whatever your top 3 passions are in life should become your online business.

#2 – How I monetized

So now that I had my business idea what was next? How could I make money online with music? After listening to many online business podcasts the idea came very quick. I would create an online membership site for jazz piano education. Boom!  I could charge a monthly fee and make passive income off monthly membership while helping people with this great music at the same time.

#3- Building the site and putting myself out there

I knew the course would take a while to write and film but I wanted to start driving traffic to my site so I could build a following before I launched the paid course.

I created a completely free site at which included amazing educational content with videos, a blog, a podcast, and other free resources.


Every podcast and blog I read continued to say you have to build your email list. This became my main focus. I created my lead magnet and drove traffic to it by using Facebook ads and opt-ins on my blog.

#4 – The Beginner Course Launch  (January 10th, 2015)

I finally finished the Beginner Course content and was ready to release my product to my followers. I had been developing an audience for over a year now. I believe this to be part of my success. If you have an idea start developing your audience NOW! Do not wait until you have your product. Your fan base is where the money is at. You could have the best product in the world but if no one knows you, your site, or your work, you’ll make no sales.


Let me give you some stats for the 9 months before I launched my first product.

I had…

Podcast = 42 Episodes

Blog = A little over 100 blog articles

Website Traffic = 150 views a day

Free Members = 900 ish (Access to free video learning lessons)

Facebook fans = 2500

Email List = 2500

All of that had been built up with FREE content over 9 months.

I set my initial pricing for the Beginner Course at $348 for the year or $39 monthly. I then informed my email list I would be giving a discount of 25% and lifetime access for the full purchase. Here are the results.

  • Lifetime Beginner Access = $261
  • Monthly Access = $29.25
  • Sold 17 Lifetime Beginner Access = $4437
  • Sold 7 monthly’s = $204.75

Total Made = $4641.75

I was thrilled! My first money I had ever made online…EVER! This was January 10th.  I followed Jeff Walker’s launch formula by sending out 3 videos leading up to the launch day. But, I made a mistake by only having the launch last 1 day.

#5 – Intermediate Course Launch (May 2nd, 2015) (3,300 People on email list)

I had proven to myself that everything I had heard about making money online was TRUE! You go through a lot of doubts and struggles until you make your first dollar online.

My next goal was to release the Intermediate portion of the course. A lot of my fans had been telling me this is what they were really waiting for as their skill level was perfect for this content.

I worked extremely hard filming the videos and putting together text, practice and workbook materials for the course over the next couple of months.  It was finally ready to go for a launch date of May 2nd, 2015.

Here is what I did differently!

  • Price point for new members – $697
  • Price point for beginner members upgrading – $497

Here was the promotion I offered.

Everyone who joined would receive…

  • Reserved Access to the Advanced Course Content to be released later in the year
  • Intermediate Course Access
  • Private Facebook Group Access

I offered 3 bonuses:

#1 – My Favorite jazz piano voicings PDF ($49 value)

#2 – 20+ Blues Progressions PDF ($89 value)

#3 – Personal Assessment report by me of your playing ($250 value)

Timeline of Launch

13 Days Prior to Launch – Emailed list with white screen video letting everyone know the intermediate course was coming and it was going to transform their lives and playing.

5 Days Prior Emailed list – [5 Days To Go] Is The Intermediate Course Right For you. Reminded everyone of the date and went through some questions to basically lead people to saying yes to all to get them warmed up.

4 Days Prior Emailed list – Sent flashy trailer video of the contents in the course

3 Days Prior Emailed List – Emailed 4 Testimonials from Beginner Course

2 Days Prior Emailed List – Emailed Advanced course contents as a sneak peek into the promotion to spark interest

1 Day Prior Emailed List – Screen shot video of a behind the scenes look at the course

Launch Day 1 10:30am – Emailed beginner members and new members separately a link that sent them to a sales page.

Launch Day 1(3pm) – Emailed everyone letting them know course is up and running.

Launch Day 2 12:00pm -Emailed list hitting emotional points about frustrations of learning jazz piano.

Launch Day 3 12:00pm – Another emotion hitting email about procrastination and the joy that feeds the soul through music

Launch Day 4 (Last Day) –I sent 4 emails out this day in 3 hour gaps all talking about the fear of losing this amazing opportunity.

At the end of the 4 days I had made a little over $23,000

Launch Results

  • Monthly’s @ $67 (8) = $536
  • Upgrades @ $497 (9) = $4,473
  • New Lifetime Members @ $697 (26) = $18,122
  • Conversion from list = 1%

These numbers powerfully represent that this all becomes a numbers game after you have your product. If I had 100,000 people on my list and converted 1%…well let’s just say I wouldn’t be playing crappy gigs where no one listens anymore.


Was it easy getting to this big pay day? It was probably the most work I’ve ever done in my entire life on one project. I woke up every single day and worked 4-5 hours.

If I couldn’t get that much time in because of other commitments I would try and do one thing. Just one! Write another email auto responder. Tweak something to the website. By doing something productive every day you build momentum that is more powerful than you could ever imagine. You have to hammer the oak tree over and over again in the same spot.

Too many people work for what THEY think should be enough. This approach will never work. Our expectations of how much we will need to work to achieve success will never be correct. We simply must work until we achieve the result we want.

That’s all there is to it.

You need to commit your entire being to getting what you want. There is simply no other way around it. Without that type of tenacity you will not be able to overcome the problems and setbacks you are guaranteed to experience.

This type of dedication and discipline does make your goal that much sweeter.  After being only a couple weeks by my launch, I can say with great pleasure, that moment when everything I worked for came to fruition was one of my top 3 greatest moments of my entire life thus far. Who knows what is next.

How can you achieve what Brenden has?

As I mentioned, Brenden applied a 3 prong approach to his success:

  1. He learned as much as he could specific to online marketing, launching and how to monetize his knowledge and skills. He not only learned he APPLIED everything he learned.
  2. He invested in being part of my community of entrepreneurs who could provide support, feedback and advice to him on his journey.
  3. He came along to my 1 Day Freedom Mastermind to once again be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and receive direct laser coaching from me on his specific business challenges that he needed to move past in order to launch.

Over the last 5 year of building my business and communities I’ve realized how INCREDIBLY important it is to have all three of these of areas in order to truly succeed.

That’s why I’m beyond thrilled to announce the Freedom Collective launching on September 1st.

The Freedom Collective VIP list

 Get on the VIP list here.

This is a three-part membership that covers off on:

  1. An Amazing Community of Freedom Fighters, from around the world that you can connect with, gets answers to your questions in the friendly forum, do business with, trade skills with, mastermind with and find an accountability partner within. As well as that there’ll be opportunities for meetups you organize, and first dibs on upcoming events and retreats I run.
  2. LIVE Monthly Group Coaching Call with yours truly. If you want laser coaching on your specific business, mindset and lifestyle challenges and to learn from others, then you won’t want to miss these.
  3. Monthly 30 Minute Expert Training Hack on specific topics like growing your list and making more sales through webinars, mastering Facebook marketing and advertising, travel hacking and how to get free accommodation, and overcoming limiting beliefs and mastering your mindset to name a few. These will be run by myself or an expert I bring in. They will build on what’s covered in my Freedom Plan too.

Stay tuned for more details by getting on the VIP list here as membership intake will be limited each month to ensure the community is super high quality.