[TSE 14] New Year. No Limits. No Excuses With Natalie MacNeil

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Natalie Sisson and Natalie MacNeil

So you want to take on the world then? Have grand dreams of starting your own business but just not sure where to start? Or perhaps you think you’re too young, too old or not talented enough to be a successful entrepreneur?

Well I have a treat or you in this first Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast episode of the New Year. Since I missed an episode in December I thought I’d make it up to you with this bonanza interview with the amazing Natalie MacNeil.

I mean who else starts their about page with these words and means it:

Hi, my name is Natalie MacNeil and I want to change the world.

She started her blog She Takes on the World four years ago and today it’s one of the top blogs in the world for career-minded women and women entrepreneurs.

She is also the Co-founder of Imaginarius, an award winning digital media company known for its groundbreaking work in interactive innovations and creative online marketing strategies.

In 2011 they won an Emmy award for Out My Window, the world’s first 360 degree, full feature documentary! (Yes that’s Natalie kissing her Emmy, I think I’d make love to it….).

I’m not sure that Natalie sleeps, as aside from her full time business and leading blog platform she has also written and published her first book thats’s due out in March.

Not content with being recognized as Canada’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Impact Organizatiom in 2010, or being the 2010 winner of Blog of the Year at the Stevie Awards, she contributes to a number of media outlets discussing entrepreneurship, women in business, and using social media and online tools and is a sought after speaker.

What’s more she gives back in a big way through mentoring and volunteering for charities she cares most about and is also the Co-founder of Treehaus; a not-for-profit coworking space for entrepreneurs.

To top it off  she’s also my partner in crime over at Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind and I love every moment that we get to coach and nurture our program members. It’s a very symbiotic relationship. At the risk of sounding all Jerry Maguire, she completes me.

I don’t tell you all this to make you feel you are a mere human, but to show you how much you can achieve if you put your amazing mind to it. At just 26 years of age, Natalie has not only worked on her business skillset but her powerful mindset and she shares those tips with you today to start your year off with a bang.

In this interview with Natalie MacNeil you will learn:

  • What she learned from starting her first business in University and how she broke through societal barriers
  • Why you are never too young, too old or too inexperienced to start a business a profitable business based on what you love doing
  • How to turn your blog into a major platform and extend your plans into TV and major media….
  • The 5 by 5 MAP (Massive Action Plan) tactics she uses to set her goals for the New Year and actually achieve them (and how you can too)

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  • Check out Natalie’s website at SheTakesontheWorld.com
  • Tweet Natalie Macneil on @nataliemacneil
  • Top Three Tools Natalie Can’t live without
    • Elance -for your virtual outsourcing needs. Not only hiring VAs but also your entire project team and managing them all from one dashboard
    • Shoeboxed – for instantly getting rid of all those pesky receipts and allowing this service to record and store them digitally to ease your end of year accounting headaches
    • Hootsuite – because it’s simply the best social media dashboard for managing multiple social media accounts and so much more.
  • For a list of all the tools I use to run my business and highly recommend you check out click here.
  • Gear up for the year ahead with my New Year planning tips to crush business and life!
  • New Year Planning and the Five Pillars to Achieving Success in Business and Life

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In this podcast, @nataliemacneil will share what she learned from starting her first business with @suitcasepreneur https://bit.ly/1oD3xiG