[TSE 64] Finding Your Calling and Launching a No 1 iTunes Podcast in Two Months with Michael O’Neal

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[TSE 64] Finding Your Calling and Launching a No 1 iTunes Podcast in Two Months with Michael O'Neal

Some people struggle all their life to ‘find their true calling’ and if you’ve been wondering exactly what it is that you should be doing you’re probably searching for your sweet spot.

That is the intersection between what you’re good at, what you really enjoy and what people will pay you for. I talk all about how to find your sweet spot here[TSE 64] Finding Your Calling and Launching a No 1 iTunes Podcast in Two Months with Michael O'Neal

And if you’ve found your sweet spot, you know what a revelation it can be, and just how quickly it can transform your business.

But as you’ll hear Michael O’Neal, founder of Solopreneur Hour, talk about, it’s usually a rocky path until you ‘find your swing.’

Like most entrepreneurs, his story wasn’t always pretty and it touches on everything from the death of his parents to having just $15 to his name, which ultimately gave him a taste of freedom from the corporate grind that he had to pursue.

Luckily (and through a lot of hustle), Michael has finally found his swing, particularly in the podcasting space.

For the past two months, his Solopreneur Hour podcast growth has doubled and he’s had people on the show with major clout like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, and ahem, yours truly.

We discuss specific strategies that have been instrumental in helping the show and his brand grow while also discussing the hustle that has ensued, because I truly believe people overlook what it really takes to do what you love.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • Two major strategies for aligning yourself with key influencers
  • How Michael decided on the format for the podcast and what format he wanted to avoid
  • Which two steps he implemented for offline PR and why you should use them, too
  • How he evaluates which shows to re-promote and market for best exposure
  • Why he was able to achieve exponential growth for his new show in just two months

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