[255] How to Measure Your Social Media Impact

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It’s no secret I’m a BIG fan of social media, I mean I built my entire business on it, and thanks to it I’ve been able to build an incredible global community around the world.

The power of it can be seen in how I’ve been able to receive almost 100% funding for my new Freedom Plan book in less than 15 days so quickly and efficiently, and with so much love from those pre-ordering.

Managing your social media can become simpler with a strategic plan of attack and when you actually set goals, track and measure your results.

That’s why I’ve dedicated this month of April to helping you use it more effectively to build your brand, establish your credibility, build a community, grow your list and make your more sales.

Because frankly, if you’re not doing any of this you are seriously missing out!

Listen in to this episode to learn:

  • My biggest social media lesson to date
  • Why it’s important to track and measure your social media efforts

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Fresh in 15- big fan!

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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fresh in 15 segments you do, by the way. The one about building credibility (last week I think) is one of my all time favorites. It is very refreshing to hear someone talk about the importance of integrity. Keep up the great work!

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