[231] Master the Art of Pricing and Charging What You’re Worth

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If I received $10 for every time I got asked a question around pricing and how much to charge I’d be a freakin millionaire by now, like:

  • How much should I charge for my web design package?
  • Should my eBook be $19 or $29?
  • Do you think I’m charing to much for this?

And there’s a good reason this is such a common challenge for entrepreneurs – because no-one teaches you how to go about doing this – especially when you’re starting out.

So how on earth are you to know what you should be charging your customers?

When you’re starting out you simply have no real idea how to value what you do, or what price will be the sweetspot for your customers.

Or you get stuck looking at competitors and thinking you’re charging too much or need to undercut them.

Well I’m here to rescue from all that guess work by providing you with 4 keys to pricing right and charging what you’re worth.

I know this is a key area almost every entrepreneur gets stuck on because when I ran my Suitcase Entrepreneur Annual Survey it’s the number 1 topic that you said was most important to learn more about – a whopping 68% of all respondents chose it.

That’s also why my theme for January on this podcast and blog is monetizing yourself and how to generate extra revenue streams to build your business.

In this Fresh in Fifteen episode I share:

  • The smart and non-smart questions to ask to validate your pricing
  • Using anchoring to your advantage
  • Why you need to rethink ‘fairness’
  • The reason you must focus on value
  • How to use my profit matrix to find your perfect price

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