[232] How to use Marketing Helium to Get a Constant Flow Of Ideal Clients with Dov Gordon

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In business, everything always boils down to sales.

232 Quote 2When you know how to get the exact kind of clients you desire, you literally have the ticket in your hand to a stream of income.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

It’s easy to look at someone else’s business and think, “why don’t I have that?”

Most people start chasing what others have and competing with those with much more experience instead of focusing on their strengths and measuring themselves against their own progress.

You start focusing on tactics – because that’s what you think is working for others, only to realize it’s the foundational training that moves you further.

Today’s guest, Dov Gordon, calls this “marketing helium”, and is here to show you how to create a simple marketing message that gets the attention of the right customers for you.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Why there’s no single “recipe for success”
  • What marketing helium is (and why that’s important for getting clients)
  • How to get your potential clients to say “yes” to working with you
  • Why you should avoid 90% of information out there about marketing (and the three things to focus on instead)
  • How to get hyper-specific about what problem you solve and get the attention of those who need your help
  • A 3 step exercise to help you get clear about your niche and how you can help them
  • How to properly craft a lead magnet (most get this all wrong)
  • What to do to make it clear that your prospects should contact you about a paid product or service
  • How to make a simple marketing message that’s clear and gets the attention of your target audience
  • When you should focus on tactics (and what to do once you start)

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