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25 incredible lessons learned in business

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Thank you so much for this! The amount of uncertainty involved in “starting out” is something I’m definitely getting used to…and hearing that you’ve felt “uncertain” at times, as well, is super encouraging. Thank you!
Jill Palmer

Jenny PlantThanks for sharing your experience from the last couple of years Natalie. I’m going to keep referring back to it as it’s so incredibly inspiring and insightful! All your advice is spot on (particularly if you are a procrastinating perfectionist who is in danger of never getting anything shipped)! Thank you!
Jenny Plant

Natalie, in a nutshell, I feel that you are right on the money with this one (as usual, actually). I love the part about “Letting go of Superwoman” because she can be quite demanding and impossible to please. I like the steps to becoming a success in business. Very Real :) Lots to do….
Renee Becket

Grrreat lessons, Natalie. I enjoyed ‘em and have to agree on…all of them. I think it all boils down to owning your mindset, taking MASSIVE action, seeing what works and what does, and then doing stuff until it works. While building genuine relationships and leaving a legacy, of course.
Mars Dorian

You stopped me in my tracks on #3. Seeing your quote on perfectionism hit me square between the eyes. I’ve always told myself striving for excellence was a noble goal, but you wisely pointed out the reality – it’s a form of procrastination. Bam! Sucked the excuses right out of it! :-) Thank you for such a pivotal moment!
Monica Hall


I so love your manifesto…I devoured it last weekend …I’m trying to come up with a favorite but I truly love them all. It’s all the things I’m doing with my budding biz so I feel really good (and downright proud) about it but it’s nice to have the inspiration and reminders because we do get lost in our own little worlds sometimes. I do believe the one about your customer is your muse prompted a change to my service offerings (not on my page yet) so thank you!
Jennifer Vertanen