How To Live A Fulfilling Expat Lifestyle Based On Your Values And Ambitions With John Falchetto

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When you travel as much as I do, each time you visit a new country, you kind of know what to expect, where to look first, what services are most important to sort out, and how to get your bearings.

But travelling the world differs from changing your world completely by relocating to another country to live. There are millions of adventurous expats who do this every year. Whether it’s for work, family, a new found love or just a fresh start.
Expat Life Coach John Falchetto and AmeenaExpats face different challenges to world travellers though, and if there’s one man who knows about them it’s John Falchetto, Expat Life Coach.

Originally from Canada he now lives in the South of France ensuring expats have all the support and advice they need when they land in their new `home away from home’.

Not only that but John is an incredibly cool guy, a great communicator, an excellent blogger and a community builder as you can witness by visiting his blog and reading through the many comments his friends and fans always leave.

He’s lived and worked in Canada, Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates and describes himself as a`serial entrepreneur with 15 years experience working with executives, small business owners to large multinationals all over the world’.

He is wise beyond his years, as all that travel and work has shown him that fulfillment isn’t about money.

Fulfillment is about creating a lifestyle which suits your values and ambitions.

You need to sell your services or your products AND you also have to stay true to who you are, which are my sentiments exactly. Yet when you change lifestyle and experience a new culture it can be really hard to stay focused on what’s important and establish a sense of regime.

That’s why John recently created the Expat 30 Program which is a complete roadmap to successfully reaching your goals, picking-up new habits and kicking away overwhelm, something many new expats experience.

In this podcast interview with John Falchetto you’ll learn:

  • What are the most common challenges expats face and how to deal with them
  • Top 5 tips for preparing and organizing your life before and after moving to a new country
  • The importance of having a purpose and a goal on your expat journey and prioritizing your values
  • How John challenged himself to 30 days to learn a new habit including doubling his blog traffic.
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