Interested in sponsoring The Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast?


The Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast was established in May 2012 and has gone on to be a much loved twice weekly show listened to by over 30,000 global freedom fighters every month.

In late 2013 it was nominated and made a Top 10 Finalist in the Business Category at the Podcast Awards.

Weekly interviews with successful entrepreneurs and digital nomads have included Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, Pam Slim, Chris Guillebeau, Pat Flynn and many more right here.


If your business matches up with the criteria below, let’s talk about a potential sponsorship partnership.

  • You specialize in business tools that help entrepreneurs grow their business, improve their online marketing and sales, increase efficiency and productivity or help them become more location independent and free to travel.
  • You’re looking to gain more trust and credibility for your product and new fans who need what you offer.
  • You want to increase sales of your product by acquiring long-term customers who become your biggest advocates.

Sound good so far? Great, then let’s talk.



By being an esteemed sponsor and partner of the The Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast you’ll receive a customized and comprehensive sponsorship package that is about more than just  splashing your logo up a few times.

It’s important for us to built trust and credibility for you by introducing what you do, who you serve and why that matters, to an engaged audience of movers and shakers looking to build businesses and lifestyles they love.

Here are the benefits you’ll receive as a podcast sponsor:

  • Sponsor advert shoutouts at the beginning of the podcast scripted by Natalie to be natural and resonate with her audience and often a short interview with you to make it extra personal (1-2 mins)

  • Specific call to action directing potential customers to a custom landing page you’ve designed or to a Pretty Link URL such as suitcaseentrepreneur.com/yourbrand to track conversions

    • Optional: Special call to action such as a discount, free trial or special offer

  • Short write-up on each podcast blog post that includes your logo/banner ad (300 x 200) with trackable link (currently 30,000+ visitors per month)

  • Weekly email to my Highflyer list of 25,000 subscribers talking about the latest podcast show and directing people to the podcast post which has a full writeup of the podcast including your sponsor shoutout and logo/ banner that can be changed weekly and occasionally interweaving your sponsor story into my emails.

  • Social media mentions and promotion of the podcast throughout the week (12,000 Google Plus followers and over 1.6 million views, Facebook 20,100+ fans, Twitter combined 38,000 followers, Instagram with 9,700 followers and Pinterest 2,700 followers)

  • Lifetime promotion as new podcast listeners listen to previous episodes, not just current ones so your sponsor shout out and offers stay current

Our audience

Our listeners are a global audience of entrepreneurs, freelancers and those starting out in business who know there’s a better life out there for them. One where they  dictate their own terms for work, love, and life and are prepared to buck convention and challenge the status quo to build portable online businesses from anywhere and a lifestyle they adore.

They’re most interested in hearing stories of how others have achieved success in business and freedom in life, and in learning about tools, products and services that allow them to run their business from anywhere, become more productive and help them grow their business and lead a truly mobile lifestyle, and they’re prepared to invest in companies that help them do this.

60% of my audience are predominantly based in the US, followed by Canada, and the remaining 40% from UK, Australia and New Zealand (and around 150 countries!).

Approximately 80% of them are aged between 24-44 with a 60% trend towards females.

You’ll be joining our illustrious partners that include:


skrossSuitcase Entrepreneurs everywhere need reliable tools like a world travel adaptor.

SKRoss has designed the sexy, sleek, lightweight World Travel Adaptor Pro + USB, which includes six different country plugs.

You can find the right connection anywhere in the world, and charge two USB devices at the same time, plus you’re guaranteed a safe power connection in more than 150 countries on all continents.

“SKROSS, the Original & Safest World Travel Adapters is proud to be a sponsor of The Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast and during the 6 episode promotion period we achieved really great results with over 600 direct visitors. This is clearly the result of Natalie’s brilliant job engaging and marketing across all the different social media platforms! She really gives her followers valuable content – so you can’t just buy being a sponsor of her platform  – it’s something Natalie does when she fully trusts and believes in your product or service – and that’s why she’s built such a loyal following.”

– Sandra Defant, Marketing Manager

LeadDynoLeadDyno is a tool designed specifically for online entrepreneurs who are setting up a formal referral program. If you want to grow your business you’re going to need an affiliate program to allow your fans, community and customers to spread the work around your products and services.

The result is you get more business, without any upfront cost.

“When we needed to start building our customer base aggressively, Natalie was the first person I thought of.  She has a dedicated and loyal following of hungry entrepreneurs – the perfect audience for our online marketing product.  She’s sent us A LOT of high quality traffic in a very short period of time.  And we’ve been working with her to turn these new leads into longtime customers.”

Brett Owens, Marketing Director & Co-Founder LeadDyno

99designs-logo-750x200px99designs, the worlds largest graphic design marketplace, makes it easy to get a design you love. Just go to the website, tell them about the design you need, and pick a price package that works for you.

With 850,000 designers at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can get designed. Projects start at just $199 and your happiness is always 100% guaranteed.

hostgator logo1

HostGator is your one-stop shop for all things web hosting. From design and marketing services to easy-to-use website builders, they are with you every step of the way. Thanks to their 24/7 – 365 days a year live support – which you can get via chat, phone and email – any and all questions you have can be answered in no time at all.

Your website needs a good host, so what are you waiting for? Head to HostGator now!

Odesk LogoA life of adventure and professional success are not mutually exclusive. Just ask any Digital Nomad!

Odesk now Upwork helps you find and hire virtual staff from all over the world. Whether you need someone to develop a website, take on admin tasks, create content or more, you can find them here.

Audiobooks on Suitcase EntrepreneurAudiobooks is a service that works brilliantly for on-the-go entrepreneurs who want to learn while jogging, driving, or on a plane.

In a competitive environment, it’s vital that entrepreneurs keep up with the latest business books and Audiobooks provides a model for them to do just that.

Namecheap offer for Suitcase EntrepreneurNamecheap is an ideal support for new and established entrepreneurs who want to launch their website, latest program, or just nab a great sounding domain name for future use.

They also have full-web hosting, secure SSL certificates, WhoisGuard domain name privacy and so much more.

Sanebox LogoSaneBox revolutionizes your inbox, which has made it integral for any person online who has a problem with overwhelm. Since online marketers and entrepreneurs are constantly battling email, Sanebox is an ideal solution that works right within your email provider.

Sponsorship Investment

Please contact my Natalie to invest in a sponsorship at partners {at} suitcaseentrepreneur {dot} com for one episode slots vs long-term discounted packages.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur mission: create a movement of 1,000,000 people by 2020 who court bolder dreams and turn them into reality by starting their own freedom based online businesses.