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Could Scott Dinsmore be one of the most passionate people around? He certainly has enough passion to inspire over 14,000 plus people to join him over at Live Your Legend, where he leads a revolution of people doing work they love.

He launched his first product late last year and it’s now the Number One Personal Development Product online and like a true Suitcase Entrepreneur, he regularly travels the world running his business and blog from anywhere.

Based in San Francisco, Scott is legendary for being an avid learner and constantly devouring information, especially based around personal development. He’s then gone out and tested it in his own life through a series of mini discoveries and experiments to understand it on a deeper level.

In our podcast interview he talks about how his passion for doing this led to him helping his friends and coaching them through their life choices over coffee – namely quitting the 9-5. He saw such an extraordinary success rate in them taking that leap, that he knew he was on to something.

So he started his blog and used this as a platform to share his message and discoveries to a larger audience. As I wrote about in Discover your passion. Make money from it. Travel the world, for the past few years Scott has studied, interviewed and done case studies on hundreds of folks around the world making a living off their passion.

As a result he’s discovered a process that not only helps people find their passion but also gives them the vital steps to make a career out of it.  In doing so he’s built an incredibly successful online business from his abilities to do this.

But it didn’t just happen over night, and Scott happily admits to starting out in 2006 and not seeing any growth with his blog until he started making some serious changes.

That’s why this podcast interview is incredibly valuable, as he shares so many gems on what it took to get close to 15,000 blog subscribers and to making thousands of dollars in a couple of days of launching his first ever product. More importantly, we discuss how he has gone on to inspire thousands of others to create and live their own legend in this lifetime.

Listen to this podcast interview with Scott Dinsmore to learn:

  • The shift he made to grow his blog from having just 111 subscribers for four whole years to seeing 10 X growth in just 6 months
  • Why hanging around with the right people can propel your online blog and business to the next level
  • How Scott achieved the Number 1 Personal Development Product title for his first product launch
  • How to provide epic value and content to your community so they keep on coming back for more
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Check out  Live Off Your Passion now – because there’s no time like the present.

Here’s an idea of what’s included: 

  • A 200-page, 52,000 word PDF guide containing 25 modules
  • An in-depth step-by-step 72-page interactive accountability and action workbook to ensure results
  • A suite of online resources, tools and top websites for monetizing a passion
  • 14 Expert Video Interviews and Case Studies from some of the top bestselling authors, entrepreneurs and coaches on and off the web exposing their specific strategies for living off passion.

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