[TSE 21] Life Lessons Learned On Building An Internet Startup With Jun Loayza

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Jun Loazya and girlfriend Kim Ear

Featured in this week’s Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast is Jun Loayza, a young and unique lifestyle designer who has successfully co-founded a start-up company in the Silicon Valley and immersed himself in the entrepreneurial world.

Jun is the Co-Founder of Reward Me, a digital rewards program for restaurants and retailers. In his entrepreneurial experience (and at a young age), Jun has sold 2 internet companies and lead social media technology campaigns for Sephora, Whole Foods Market, Levi’s, LG, and Activision.  In addition, if you don’t think that’s enough, Jun also runs an online boutique site with his girlfriend and his own blog where he shares his entrepreneurial journey and tips.

Jun graduated from UCLA in 2007 and jumped into the corporate world.  After 3 months, he knew this was not the path for him and started to build the start-up company, of which to this day compromises of 3 Chiefs.  The CEO, the Chief Product Officer, and Jun’s role of the Chief Marketing Officer, where responsibly taught himself how to market products, learn to sell, negotiate, learn about affiliate marketing, internet marketing, and paid advertisement.

Listen to this interview with Jun to learn:

  • How to start your own brand and online ecommerce store for way less than a retail outlet
  • The beauty of using drop-shipping to create your own product from scratch
  • The real cost of setting up an online store and price you’ll have to pay to get started
  • Why being a multi-passionate entrepreneur has its benefits
  • What a venture backed Silicon Valley startup has taught him about running his own businesses
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Awesome tools that Jun uses to run his businesses:

  • Shopify – a user-friendly e-commerce platform that takes you step by step to setting up your online store
  • Mailchimp makes sending out a newsletter amazingly easy – design and send beautiful emails, manage your subscribers and track your campaign’s performance.

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