[TSE 26] Learn How To Master Your Internet Business With Jason Van Orden And Jeremy Frandsen

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Internet Business Mastery hosts Jeremy and Jason

If you want to know how to start an internet business today and generate income that gives you true freedom to do what you want, then you’re in the right place. Not only is that what this blog is all about, it’s also what we delve into in this latest podcast episode.

My two special guests – yes two, are internet business masters, professional podcasters and pretty damn funny to boot. Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen are the founders of the No. 1 iTunes podcast and know a ton about what it takes to build a profitable online business you really love and a lifestyle that you deserve.

Their podcast Internet Business Mastery is an amazing show full of lively business tips on how to take control, make more money and start an internet business.Internet Business Mastery hosts Jeremy and Jason

Jeremy and Jason’s podcast started from their desire to share their step by step methods of starting a side project and eventually escaping the 9-5, with people like you and me.

What I love about this interview is how transparent and honest Jeremy and Jason are about the mistakes they made along the way and their long journey to finding the right formula that’s given them the success they now have and the 7-figure business!

Along with their podcast they also offer valuable blog posts, videos and tools for aspiring internet entrepreneurs and an Academy membership site   that provides courses, tools, and resources for creating your own internet business and escaping the 9-to-5.

In this up-to-beat interviews with both Jeremy and Jason, we cover valuable podcasting and blogging techniques to making your online business profitable.

Listen to this podcast interview with Jeremy and Jason to learn:

  • How they turned a chance meeting at a real estate club into a 7 figure plus business
  • The keys to going from zero to the No #1 Podcast on iTunes
  • The Ah-Ha moments they had and mistakes they made on their 7 year path to freedom
  • How to start a podcast in 7 simple steps (Jason explains this is just 3 mins)

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Learn How To Master Your Internet Business with @BizMastery1 via @suitcasepreneur https://bit.ly/1fYfkbm

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Tools Mentioned in The Show

  • Libsyn – User friendly podcast host starting at $5/month
  • Audacity – Free downloadable audio editor and recorder software

Shoutout to Jeremiah Barrett for leaving this wonderful 5 Star review on iTunes!!

“I recently started my own internet marketing consulting firm.  I currently have 4 paying clients and am that much closer to being a full time entrepreneur.  Your show has helped a ton and I urge you to continue.  If not for yourself, then for everyone trying to start their own business.”

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  • Thanks for having us on! I love the look of your site! (BTW, It says Jeremy Sterling in the title, though I’m actually Jeremy Frandsen 😉 )

    • That was just to make sure you came to look at the podcast. All fixed now. You change your name so often you see 🙂 Thank you re the site – I love it too – it’s brand spanking new (well like 2 weeks). Also thanks for your awesome interview and valuable insights shared. Was a delight to have you both yabber on…..

  • Fabulous interview with 2 of my favorite podcasters. 🙂

    • Awesome to hear. I love these two. They provide so much value.

  • Had a lot of fun on this interview. Thanks for having us on!

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