[TSE 3] Language Hacking Tips To Become Fluent In Three Months

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Benny playing evil

Benny The Irish Polyglot is a larger than life character I had the pleasure of meeting at the World Domination Summit recently.

Well before that I had noticed his meteoric rise online as a gifted linguist and talented travel writer.

Yet Benny’s story is quite incredible, having never spoken anything else aside from English up until age 21, he managed to master the art of learning how to become fluent in 3 months and now speaks 8 languages fluently.

When we met he’d just come back from learning Dutch which I think is a particularly hard language to speak, even with my knowledge of German. Now he’s off to Turkey!

In our lively discussion Benny reveals his secret tools of maintaining his language hacking blog , his various websites and software that increases his task efficiency.

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I ask the cutting edge questions:

1. What have you specifically done to get your community built and what were the steps you’ve taken?
2. What have you done to bring people to your site?
3.  Can you touch upon two of the tools that have changed your life?

Useful tips from Benny

Don’t neglect Stumble Upon as a very useful social network for driving loyal traffic. Benny uses it everyday, he knows what StumbleUpon users want and writes the posts to attract them. Three of his posts went viral through doing this and one reached 200,000 thumbs up.

The most popular post on Benny’s blog has given him at least half his audience on his site, “How to speak English like the Irish” and his other tactic is commenting on other’s blogs.

You must listen to the great tool Benny introduced me too that I love called Boomerang, this simple tool has the power to save your inbox and those important emails from a fateful demise.


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What did Benny outsource?

1.  Design of website
2.  Repetitive remedial tasks using Upwork.com