[TSE 76] Save Thousands of Dollars by Setting Up Legal and Financial Systems with Kyle Durand

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Kyle Durand

If I told you that there was a secret to saving more money in your business each year, would you want to know it?

Kyle Durand CoverAs you’ll hear Kyle Durand, business and tax attorney, say in this episode, entrepreneurs paid around 6.6 billion dollars in late payments last year alone.

And based on what he said, particularly around tax deductions, it’s likely you contributed a chunk to that 6.6 billion dollar pot.

Let’s be clear though.

The point of this episode isn’t to scare you into changing your habits around how you handle your business finances. It’s to show you that there is a better and easier way that offers you financial freedom and peace of mind.

Plus, you can use all of that money you save to invest back into your business, your team members, and yourself.

Stick around until the end to find out which deadline is coming up at the end of January for US citizens – especially if you have an affiliate program or have ever hired a contractor or vendor.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • What FATE stands for and why every entrepreneur needs to know it to thrive in business
  • Which three legal pillars you NEED to have to save 2-3 thousand dollars per year
  • [US Citizens] Which forms you might need to send out by the end of January that you didn’t know about for your contractors, vendors AND affiliates
  • How Kyle cut a client’s tax bill from owing $10,000 to the IRS paying him $29,000 through knowing tax deductions
  • Four actions you can take today to set yourself up for financial tax success this year
  • One integral step to take to make sure you keep Uncle Sam happy this year with every deadline
  • Which tasks can and cannot be automated when it comes to finances and taxes
  • One cautionary tale about why you should NEVER mix your personal and business income
  • What the IRS expects to see from you as a businessperson

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