Best Ever Website Reviews For Winning Entrepreneurs

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Website reviews with Seth Leonard and Natalie Sisson

Well I had to hook you into this post somehow! But this seriously is pretty cool for the 1st of March.

For those of you who left a comment on the recent post  How To Plan, Build, And Launch Your Own Website In 4 Days by Seth Leonard, we put together a kick-ass video to include all your website reviews.

In fact even if you’re new here, you will definitely pick up some great tips on how to create a website that works wonders for you and some easy steps you can take right now to make your site look much better!

As promised we reviewed these 3 winners sites (well Seth did):

Rebecca Tracy at The Uncaged Life
Sabine Fep at Anywhere In The World
Emily West-Sadler at Virtual Assistant Goddess

He has given you step by step feedback on what you can do to turn your website into something you’re not only proud of, but attracts and converts your visitors into real leads and customers!

Bonus Website Reviews

In addition, I couldn’t help but provide at least one piece of advice (sometimes several) to the other lovely folks who left a comment asking to be reviewed. These are:

Shannon at
Dharmesh at
Shayna at
Janine and Jo at
Gerladine at

What’s Included In The Website Reviews

I introduce the whole topic and do my quick, fly by the seat of my pants reviews of the sites, followed by Seth’s more indepth analysis of the 3 main winners.

Specifically we pull out these insights to ensure you get the most out of it:

– why promoting key content shouldn’t overwhelm the rest of your site
– how to make sure your visitors focus on the one thing you want them to do
– why readability is so important for your site
– where to put key information on your offer page
– how to keep visitors on your site
– what popular method of displaying homepage content doesn’t perform as well as you think
– how to display different sidebar content on your homepage
– why your primary call to action should be visible on every page
– where your email signup form should be located
– how to use the proper terms when driving visitors to key pages
– how consistency in your branding affects your visitors
– what the most overlooked section of most websites is, and why it’s a mistake to ignore it
– why you should utilize more calls to action
– how to make sure potential clients are excited about starting their work with you

Watch The Video Now

We hope you enjoyed this and found it useful. If so show some love in the comments section and share it on social media.

Seth Leonard trains and mentors entrepreneurs who want to build dynamic, successful websites. You can learn more from his blog, or via his free website building course, The Web Launch.

Natalie Sisson is the founder of this blog and enjoys using Camtasia to show Seth up in video editing…. and riding 4,000 miles across from Africa while her business runs (mainly) without her.

  • This is SUPER useful! I love case studies, and I learned something from each one of the reviews. The “fly by the seat of your pants” ones are actually nice, because usually it’s the first one or two things that immediately jump out at you that are the changes that really need to be made. Thank you!

  • Thank you thank you thank you! This was awesome.

    I’ve been struggling with the decision to redesign my site (I did most of it myself – not bad for a total newbie with NO experience eh!?) – and these changes are exactly what I needed to clean up parts of the site that I want to work better for me, without shelling over the $$$ to have a professional re-do the whole thing.

    Love you guys, muah.


  • Thanks Natalie and Seth, this is awesome! Will definitely share around our networks. Case studies are one of the most powerful tools for learning if you ask me, and this vid proves it for sure! Have taken away heaps….Thanks again from Janine and Jo over at Love Your Small Business

  • Thanks Seth and Natalie for the website review – will take action and make some changes based on your feedback … much appreciated 🙂 I also learnt a lot from the other case studies! Best wishes, Emily your Virtual Assistant Goddess

  • Hi Natalie and Seth, Thank you so much for picking my site for your review!!!
    Having an external look on your project is so valuable and I really liked all your comments and learned a lot from them and from the comments on the other sites too.
    It has taken me a little bit of time to respond to you but I wanted to make all the changes you recommended before commenting! They’re all done now and I am very pleased with the results…Thank you so much!

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