How to Keep Your Valuables Safe While You Travel

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Keep Your Valuables Safe While You Travel

Recently after a relaxing digital sabbatical in beautiful Mui Ne Hills, Vietnam, I returned to the hustle and bustle of hectic Ho Chi Minh City.  When I got off the long bus journey,  I decided to walk the 5 minutes to my hotel and not take a taxi since it was so close.

I chose the wide sidewalk that was strangely quiet instead of the busy, crowded sidewalk on the other side. Now I know why….

As I was rolling my awesome Rimowa suitcase and my laptop bag that sat on top of it, I stopped momentarily to check my mobile for directions. In that short instant, two guys on a scooter sped by and snatched my laptop bag!

I can’t tell you how horrifying it is to see your entire life speeding off into the distance without you.

Yes, I do mean my entire life because, since my laptop bag handle was wound loosely around my suitcase, which I always do as an instinctive preventative measure, they had hooked my suitcase along for the ride, too.

Moments later, the guy dropped the bag, presumably because they had an angry Kiwi yelling at them and running after them and because they didn’t want the 20kg of extra weight.

They sped off into the shadows and I ran over to my stuff, beyond relieved when I saw my suitcase crash to the ground followed by my laptop – basically everything I owned…saved thanks to my suitcase.

This incident was not only scary it was downright stupid of me, as I had my passport, wallet, laptop and hard drive all in the one obvious ‘steal me I’m valuable’ looking bag in an area notorious for theft of tourists.

This video was filmed before that happened so I talk more about my favorite tools for keeping information safe and being prepared on your travels, but I just had to share this story so you can avoid something like that ever happening to you!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How I keep all of my files safe and how much memory it has
  • Which tool I use that makes online meetings manageable in noisy cafes
  • One tool to ensure that you’re able to charge up your valuable electronics no matter where you are in the world

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Resources You Can Use On Your Travels:

Also, here are the safety measures I took directly after:

  • Separated out my wallet, cards and passport onto my person and backpack
  • Investigated a cool company called with security conscious travel bags and accessories
  • Double checked all passwords on my site were appropriate protected by LastPass (a cool tool that saves all your passwords securely)
  • Triple checked that Dropbox was syncing all my iPhone photos automatically and all my laptop files to the cloud
  • Drank a beer given to me by the friendly hotel reception staff and celebrated my good fortune.

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