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It’s that time of the year again when I feel a little New Year Challenge is in order and what better way to kick it off then with a 15 Day Blog Challenge and a chance to WIN a spot on my upcoming Freedom Plan program valued at $1,000

In 2013 I ran a 30 day blog challenge loved by over 1500 people and almost 400 people blogged at least 70% of the 30 days which is a massive effort. The results were outstanding and for many people they told me it changed their life – no joke. That’s because undertaking any type of challenge and sticking with it to your best ability is going to make an impact in your life and get you results.

The 15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge is designed to get you into the habit of daily blogging while creating more freedom in your life and business.

This challenge is focused on helping you achieve personal, business and physical freedom over 15 days with a short daily blog challenge and a video explaining it.

You can join the challenge for FREE here.

Step 1: Once you visit that look and join you’ll get a welcome email explaining how this rolls and a link to the friendly Facebook group.

Step 2: You’ll get a follow up email with some SUPER valuable blog tips from me and a few other key resources and peeps I rate highly.This will get you prepared for daily blogging, as well as the type of blogging that best suits you to make sure you will stick with me on this 15 day challenge.

Step 3: You’ll start receiving a short and sweet daily email that includes ONE challenge to complete and a supporting video explaining this.

Step 4: You answer that challenge by writing a blog post, or doing a video or even podcast! You then share that link in the dedicated Facebook group so that together we will create massive freedom in 15 days!

Yes there’s support and accountability all built in which makes your chances of succeeding 80% more likely.

What does the challenge look like?

It’s broken into three parts each lasting five days to ensure you create freedom in your life and business.

Personal Freedom15 Day Blog Challenge

  • Day 1 – Setting yourself up for daily success
  • Day 2 – Daily MIAs (Most Important Actions) and how to plan for them
  • Day 3 – Productivity tools to keep you on track
  • Day 4 – Removing distractions and reducing your dependence online
  • Day 5 – Letting go of habits and people who don’t serve you

Business Freedom

Business Freedom

  • Day 6 – Identifying the best business model to give you the lifestyle you deserve
  • Day 7 – Figuring out the ONE thing you’re going to focus on to succeed
  • Day 8 – Planning your year ahead and the milestones you want to achieve with this one thing
  • Day 9 – Understanding what systems and tools you need in place to achieve this
  • Day 10 – Recognizing what work you should be outsourcing and making this a priority

Physical Freedom

Physical Freedom

  • Day 11 – Redesigning your year for more YOU time
  • Day 12 – Uncluttering your life and work environment to enjoy minimalism and freedom
  • Day 13 – Fuelling your mind, body and soul to be your best self
  • Day 14 – Receiving the benefits of travel (without even leaving your town)
  • Day 15 – Putting it altogether to create your own personal Freedom Plan

If you’ve never blogged before and don’t have a blog I help you with that too in that super valuable email you get after joining to get you started.

You can join the challenge for FREE here.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!