It’s My Birthday and I Want to Share Something with You

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So today is my birthday and I want to celebrate with you.

For the last 7 years I’ve spent my birthday in a different country and shared the occasion with with new and dear friends, and this year it will be in Tokyo, Japan.

Living out of a suitcase means I don’t really want or expect gifts, as I have no need for more lovely ‘stuff’, instead I enjoy receiving truly wonderful experiences.

Last year though, almost 200 generous supporters made it my best birthday ever by successfully funding my Kickstarter for my Suitcase Entrepreneur book!

Thanks to them I was able to go ahead and write and publish this labor of love for everyone to read and take a step closer to living life on their own terms.

So this year I’d like to do something different and give a birthday gift to you!

I’d like YOU to experience choosing freedom in business and adventure in life, and the best way I could think of is by reading my bestselling book.

I get daily feedback, emails, notes and incredible stories from people who have read my Suitcase Entrepreneur book and gotten so much from it.

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Important Details:

  • The prices above are in US dollars as this is just on the US Amazon store for now (the new tool only lets you pick one market at a time)
  • If you do not have a US Amazon account the discount won’t show up – several people have told me this, I’m hoping Amazon will change this and I intend to see if I can offer this other countries not just US soon
  • You do NOT need a Kindle to buy a Kindle book, you can DOWNLOAD the app on your phone, tablet or laptop for free (just Google it) and read my digital version from there
  • You can buy as many copies as you want, and you can probably gift it to a friend – so go ahead and make their day.

Extra Birthday Bonus: Free copy of my Audio Book

The Suitcase Entrepreneur Book

I’m in the process of finishing off recording my audio version of the Suitcase Entrepreneur and I’d like to give you it for FREE.

Here’s how to get it:

Step 1: Buy a digital or paperback copy of my book OR if you already bought a copy of my book since it came out skip to step 2

Step 2: Do just ONE of the following (or both if you like 🙂

  • Leave a short review on Amazon – once you’ve read the book obviously
  • OR point me to one you’ve kindly left – thank you!
  • OR Send me a photo of you with my book to honor you on Pinterest.

Important Step

Use this form to tell me who you are, say hello and send me to the review URL link or a URL of your photo.

THEN I can send you a completely FREE version of my audio book (once it’s late April that is).

This offer by the way is open until April 30th so don’t despair. Take your time to read my book (even if you bought it ages ago and haven’t done so yet….;)

Love and hugs

Natalie xx