[227] Is 2016 The Year of Lifestyle or Serious Business?

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The first few weeks of the New Year are often when you’ll find yourself contemplating where the last year went to, and more importantly how you want this year to turn out.

227 CoverIt’s that interesting place of introspection mixed with excitement and opportunity and if you’ve done your 2015 Annual Review like I did here, you should be much clearer on what you want out of 2016.

Specifically you should know what you’re now capable of, what goals you can set and actually achieve and how you can improve on your business and personal results from last year.

If you still need a hand with that be sure to check out my latest interview with Natalie MacNeil on How to Conquer your World in 2016.

But if you’re ready to truly take it up a notch in 2016 then the first Fresh in Fifteen episode of the year is definitely for you. It’s a little different than normal (and it’s definitely longer than 15 minutes) but I trust you’ll find it immensely useful.

You see, I caught up with my good friend Sean Ogle, a fellow lifestyle entrepreneur who shares my outlook on life and has a very similar business model to mine.

Sean is the Founder of Location Rebel.  In 2009, he quit his job and moved to Thailand. Now, he helps people build businesses they can run from anywhere in the world via his sites Location 180 and Location Rebel.

We had a jam session on Skype to catch up on how our 2015s turned out and what we had in store this year. He kindly let me record the conversation which is ultimately what you’ll get to hear today – a kind of behind the scenes on how we plan out our years and what types of things we entrepreneurs discuss.

It got really interesting and so I thought it would be beneficial to share it with you, glean what you need from it and apply what you learn from our threads of discussion to your own situation.

In this ‘behind the scenes’ chat with Sean, you’ll hear us talk about :

  • Outsourcing yourself
  • Scaling your business model
  • Looking at what is important in life
  • Learning to say no
  • Our marketing plans for the year
  • How it feels to not have a suitcase anymore
  • And much, much more!

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