I want to quit my job and start a business.

Have you’ve always known you shouldn’t be working for someone else, doing something that doesn’t really float your boat in the 9-5 world?

You rebel against conforming, against authority and working in the 9-5 makes you feel like a caged animal. But you believe things can be different!

You want to set your own rules and create your own lifestyle choices with your own freedom business.

You want to make money doing what you love, using your existing skills and talent, and be able to do that from anywhere in the world.

You are so ready to quit your job and dive in head first to create your freedom business.

But hold your horses!

Every successful freedom business starts with a solid foundation and that’s where you need to focus first.

So where do you even start?

Well first by checking out the cream of the crop of my best blog posts, podcasts and products to help you start creating your dream freedom business this week!

Your Startup Strategies

Step #1: Pick Your Niche:

This is the number one critical mistake I see most entrepreneurs make when starting out, and for that matter, even after being in business for years.

If you don’t know what niche you’re in, and which target market you’re catering too, and what your future customers’ specific needs, desires and challenges are, then you’ll be floundering.

What’s more you’ll find yourself writing generic copy,creating products that are too broad and marketing to everyone and no-one at the same time. And that is a recipe for disaster.

For example if you’re a health coach you don’t want to target all women and men looking to get healthier. You’d want to define your ideal customer which may be a busy mother in her 30s who owns a business and wants quick and easy nutritional advice and accountability to get super healthy.

So read/ watch: How to Pick a Niche and Find Your Sweet Spot…That Is What She Said!

Step #2: Understand Your Wealth Dynamics Profile:

Understanding what type of an entrepreneur you are (even if you’re just starting out) is going to go a huge way to understand what type of role and work you should be doing, and therefore what type of business is best for you.

It also allows you to know what energizes you and optimizes your natural talents and qualities, and what will simply suck the soul out of you.

Ever since I came across Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Profile test I’ve been using it to build a business that’s right for me, with work and projects I love working on, as well as hiring team members based on their entrepreneurial type that are a perfect fit for mine.

Read/ listen to: Why You Should Use Wealth & Talent Dynamics When Starting Your Business

Step #3: Choose The Right Business Model

I think a lot of us start a business out of necessity or desire without truly thinking through whether that business model works for us. The quickest and easiest path to revenue is often through providing services – like starting out as a coach, consultant, educator, web designer, copywriter, virtual assistant.

But if you don’t’ want to be trading time for money from the get go, or having to be bound to people’s demands or locations then that’s probably not going to suit you. If you want to work from home or cafes and scale the hours you work, without working more hours, then you need to consider whether you want active or residual income or a mix of both.

Remember your Wealth Dynamics Profile result will also have an impact on this.

Read: Knowing What Business Model to Choose and Why

Step #4: Validate Your Business Idea
How To Validate Your Business Idea

Just want to get started today?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Natalie just tell me exactly what to do!” then I have two options for you.

Action 1: 

Grab my “Idea to Income” course where I’ve put my years of experience helping hundreds of people start their own freedom businesses in a step by step video course.

Idea To Income

I’ve designed Idea To Income to crush your self-doubt by helping you discover what you most want out of life and

then guide you to create the best business to support your ideal lifestyle.

I’m talking about a freedom business that you love, that brings in consistent recurring income but doesn’t require you to manage it day in day out, so that you can go out and chase all the adventure and freedom you want.

If you ever doubted your ability to build an online business, I want to tell you that you CAN do it and I can show you how.

Action 2:

Check out my No #1 Bestselling book on Amazon, The Suitcase Entrepreneur to see what running a freedom business is all about. Or grab the audio book on Audible to listen on the fly.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

If you’ve always thought that running a profitable business from your laptop, and having the freedom to do what you want when you want was just a pipe dream, then think again.

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