How To Write and Design a Sales Page That Converts [VIDEO Tutorial]

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How To Write and Design a Sales Page That Converts [VIDEO Tutorial]

Alrighty. Today you and I are going to tackle something that can be really daunting to newbies building their online business.

Without this, you will most likely remain poor and unsuccessful. No seriously.

How To Write and Design a Sales Page That Converts [VIDEO Tutorial]What’s more this is still a challenge, even for the more experienced online marketers and entrepreneurs.

It’s also something you will likely never think you have gotten right. The inner perfectionist will rear it’s ugly head a lot.

It’s the dreaded sales page.

I say dreaded, because it’s something that takes a ton of effort to get right -I’m talking hours and hours of carefully crafted copy and some beautiful design work.

In fact it’s been said, this actually the first thing you should write, before you even create your product or service – it’s that important.

This is, after all, THE page you design to sell your product or service. It’s THE copy you inject that convinces someone you’re worth it.

I would say this is THE most critical thing you need to get right in your online business, along with building an email list.

Yet so many people suck at it, and others, like me, see it as a never ending work in progress that they can continue to improve on…forever

So, I feel it is my duty to give you a big leg up at becoming much more adept at creating sales pages that converts, and writing copy that sells.

The `How To Write And Design A Sales Page That Converts’ Tutorial

I think you’re going to like it. You see I’ve been meaning to write more about this for some time.

This topic is really overwhelming to a lot of people.

I hear questions like this all the time:

  • What makes a great sales page?
  • How do you write copy that sells?
  • What elements should you include?
  • What steps should you take to write it?
  • How long should it be?
  • How important are testimonials?
  • Should I include a guarantee?
  • What is the average sales page conversion rate?

And so many more.

So it was almost a relief when Karl Staib’s email landed in my inbox saying he loved my site, loved my work but thought he could help me increase my sales page conversions.

You see Karl has been working on sales pages since 2007. He has over five years of copywriting, research and design experience.

Not only has he worked with clients like  Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness to improve their sales conversions, he’s written for the likes of CopyBlogger and Tiny Buddha and more.

Being me though, I decided to take his suggestion a step further and say:

“Why don’t we let my whole community in on this. They’re all building online businesses and need to know how to write a killer sales page. We could take them through a step by step, sales page analysis. Then the redesign and finally the results. In fact why don’t we do it on my pages to show them a real life case study?!”

Luckily Karl agreed.

Secretly he loves doing this stuff so he probably sold me on it inadvertently without me actually knowing….

The Three Part Sales Page Conversion Optimization Video Series

I have no idea why I’m into writing such long headings right now, but I’m practicing my copywriting to entice you.

In this three part video series, we’re going to cover as much as we can to decrease your fears and help you create your own killer sales page.

In video one we do a live analysis of both my Shop page and my most popular selling product page for the BYOB.

In video two we reveal the brand new designs.

Karl gives recommendations as he goes that you can apply to your own pages.

Check out the key notes below the video too, and leave a comment to have your chance for a sales page analysis!

Watch And Learn

Or watch the video here on YouTube.

Key Notes from the Sales Page Review

Bizshop Page Design Improvments

  • Remove email sign-up at top
  • Too many options to choose from. Need to focus on few products that hit your target market’s sweet spot.
  • Create a clear funnel for the two types of people you are trying to attract to your sales page.
  • Remove share buttons at bottom
  • Leave email sign-up at the bottom in case they aren’t ready to buy

Bizshop Copy Improvements

  • Create a clear narrative on who you are trying to attract. Focus on buyer and benefits of them buying the book.
  • Clear and intriguing call to action above your buy links.


BYOB Design Improvements

  •  Put buy now button at the bottom.
    • Don’t make them have to scroll back up to buy.
  • Test out different copy and color on buttons and see what works best.
    • Add to Cart
    • Grab Your Copy
  • Remove email sign-up and even links at top and bottom

Copy Improvements

  • What are the benefits to your buyer?
  • Remove clickable links to other people’s website in testimonials.
  • Testimonials that support the positive results people get when they apply the ideas in your book.
  • Create copy at top of page that reinforces your story and intrigues people to want to learn your methods.
  • Test out a guarantee near bottom of page to convert people who on the fence about buying.

What step should you take next?

Watch the next video where we show you and the new and improved design and copy, as suggested by Karl.