How To Turn Your Web Content Into A Killer Party

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A big frustration online business owners face is investing time and money getting people to visit their website, only to have people leave straight away. Or it might be that people are spending time on your site, but they’re not really engaging.

They’re not signing up to your newsletter, or noticing your content or enquiring about hiring you. Your website has a nice design, the quality of your products and services is great, so what’s going wrong?

Imagine you’re having a party…

You’ve sent out hundreds of beautiful invitations telling people where to arrive and when.

You’re excited. You’ve been preparing exquisite food all day and you’ve booked a sublime band that’s sure to get people on their feet. The door bell rings and you’re giddy with excitement as you watch people stream through.

But soon disappointment sets in.

  • Some people leave straight away
  • Hardly anyone eats the food that you know they will love
  • No-one really listens to the band you know they will enjoy
  • No-one mingles with each other
  • People wander round for a little and then most people leave.

You’re dejected and convinced that you must be a terribly unpopular person for all those people to arrive and then leave so quickly.

So what happened?

Well let’s look at it from a guest’s point of view.

Your Guests Don’t Know They’re In The Right Place

Let’s imagine that your guests arrive at the address you gave them, they open up the door into a grand opening, but there’s no one around. There are no balloons or banners and no signs to welcome them. Some people assume they’ve made a mistake and leave straight away.

Your website is like this if…

You don’t have a clear welcome message for your audience. This is often in the shape of a tagline or an opening paragraph that tells people:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you help

People need to know that they’re in the right place when they arrive at your website otherwise your perfect customer might be so close to the solution you offer without even realising it.

Your Guests Don’t Know Where To Start

You’ve picked a grand venue for your party. You loved it because it has so many different rooms and beautiful hallways which means you won’t have everyone crowded in one small space and people won’t get bored.

Unfortunately for your guests, when they arrive they see the rooms and hallways but they don’t know where to start. They venture in a little further and try a couple of the rooms, but they’re either too loud or too quiet. Nothing is clearly sign posted. They don’t know where to go to find the kind of party they were looking for.

Your website is like this if…

You don’t make it clear to new people how to dip their toes into your content. Having a blog on your homepage is a great idea (if you update it regularly) because it’s like a recent welcome message from the host of the party. It shows people what the current topic of conversation is and lets them know they’re in the right place for craft tips, career advice or whatever your area of expertise is.

Are you clearly sign-posting the different sections on your blog? Can people find your “about page” easily, and a “how to work with you” page? Make sure you’re making these things clear to your audience.

A great thing to do is to even include a “New here? Start here” section that shows people where to go if they’re not familiar with your site.

You’re Hiding All The Good Stuff

Finally some guests preserves and finally find the band and the food. They were both down a long dark hallway round a corner and through a door in a nook. The band is halfway through their set which is disappointing to your guests. They’re enjoying what they do see, they just wish they’d known about it sooner.

Your website is like this if…

You don’t make your great stuff easy to find. That might be your popular blog posts, it might be letting people know about a course that you’re running soon, or it could be some fantastic free downloads you offer.

Now is not the time to be modest or to think that people will just stumble upon your nuggets of gold by accident. You don’t have to do a pushy sell, but if you are closing registration on a course soon, let people know so they don’t miss out, or link to a section of archived blog posts so people can navigate their way around your top content without getting lost down a darkened hallway.

Your Guests Are Overwhelmed

The guests that do find the band absolutely love them, except they’re playing each song back to back without a break and people on the dance floor are getting tired. The music’s great but there’s no time for them to stop and catch their breath. Eventually exhausted, they give up and leave the band area.

Your website is like this if…

You’re giving your customers heaps and heaps of content to digest. Perhaps you offer a free download that’s 100 pages, or your blog posts are 2,000 words every day solving 5 different problems each time. Or perhaps you cram so much information into a free course that your audience don’t know where to start with the information.

Give people bite sized pieces and try to solve one simple problem at a time. If you offer a free report, make it quick with advice they can put into place straight away. In your blog posts, it’s better to explain one simple problem clearly than to cram in lots of different ideas. Let your audience get to know your brilliance rather than be drowned by it.

They Don’t Know How To Keep In Touch 

Although it was a bit chaotic, your guests have enjoyed themselves so they try to find the host to ask about when the next party will be. Except they can’t find anyone. There’s no guest book or details to find out more. Their taxis is already waiting outside so they shrug, give up and go.

Your website is like this if…

You don’t let people know about upcoming events and course, or if you don’t make it easy for them to sign up to your newsletter. Getting people on your email list isn’t just good for you, it’s easy for them because they know they won’t miss out the next time you release great content, or have a fabulous product that they should know about.

Don’t let your guests leave your party without knowing how or why they should come back for more!

Amy Harrison is a copywriter for entrepreneurs. In addition to writing for her clients, she also coaches business owners to smash up their copywriting obstacles so they create persuasive and compelling offers. She is also the author of How To Get Your Sales Page DONE! a step-by-step guide to writing and completing your sales page.