[201] How To Start a Podcast That Matters

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Did you know that on the 30th of September it was officially International Podcast Day?

And did you know that podcasting officially started back in 2004!

Since starting The Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast back in 2011 the show has had 711,333 downloads to date.

What’s more it’s also my communities #2 preferred method of communication based on my recent survey and my favorite medium to build an amazing, engaged community and your credibility and business.

So that’s what this episode is dedicated too. It’s all about podcasting and why it’s so powerful.

book-podcastIf you have been stalling on starting your own podcast, honestly there are no excuses!

You don’t need to have a fancy studio setup or expensive equipment either.

As you’ve heard from mine I simply clip my $39 Samsung Go Mic on my laptop from anywhere and just go for it.

In this Fresh in Fifteen episode, I’m going to tell you why you might want to try podcasting and why you might even fall in love with it!

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