How to Set Up a Mobile and Virtual Office

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How to Set Up a Mobile and Virtual Office

Imagine the day when printers, desks, staplers, whiteboards, and even office walls don’t exist. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well we’re almost there thankfully. Today, a laptop, or smartphone and an Internet connection are all we need.

Everything else can be done online. That’s what I’m working on with my quest for virtual freedom.

I write extensively about this in The Suitcase Entrepreneur book, especially in Chapter 7 where I did my research to bring you the most valuable resources and online tools to run your business from anywhere.

When you set up a physical office, you probably ask yourself questions likes:

  • Do we need to get a landline?
  • How many phones should we install?
  • How much does new office furniture cost?
  • Do we need filing cabinets?

You can see your costs adding up before your eyes and it’s scary, especially if you’re not turning a profit yet.

As a virtual business owner with no office though, you save big time on your set up costs, especially when you use online tools that act as faxes and your local post office.

All your activities, meetings and projects can be virtual and you can set up systems to manage your business and team that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, transcending time zones and international borders.

So what tools do you really need? Well, you can look at a physical office and translate it into a virtual office pretty easily. Keep in mind too that with tools and a mobile office, less is always more.

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In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Which two services to use to make your business appear to have a landline phone connection
  • How to combat the issue of needing a mailing address and receiving/sending out physical mail
  • Which suite of tools to always use for ease and optimal integration with other tools
  • How to keep your receipts, documents, and business cards organized online
  • What tool is best to manage your entire accounting system
  • The easiest and fastest way to manage contracts with clients and partners

Tools mentioned:

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